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Ed Sheeran Banged Taylor Swift’s Famous Friends, Neat

Ed Sheeran used to have sex with Taylor Swift’s famous friends all the time. How’s your life going? More »

Ariana Grande Loves ‘Big Black Balls’

While performing during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, America’s favorite eighth grader Ariana Grande apparently told Ed Sheeran that she enjoys bouncy balls which he turned into a perverted joke about giant black testicles because the British are always trying to make scrotum jokes involving children. I’ve watched your BBC, sir! Via E! News:
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Taylor Swift’s In A Bikini

Normally, I’d make fun of Taylor Swift for wearing bikinis from the 1950s, so I’m still going to do that but with the caveat that her body keeps looking more and more awesome even when dressed like the cast of Mad Men, so my penis would probably accept the following deal that Ed Sheeran apparently… More »