The Duggars

Anna Duggar Might Finally Divorce Josh Duggar

Anna Duggar might finally divorce her moon-faced, child molesting, sex-addict husband Josh Duggar. More »

Donald Trump To Grieving Kelly Preston: ‘Would. Bang.’

Donald Trump bragged about moving on Kelly Preston like a bitch four days after her son died. More »

Only Josh Duggar Can Save The Family From Colin Kaepernick Now

Josh Duggar is totally redeemed as his brother-in-law falls into the pit of sin known as “being woke.” More »

The Duggars Have A 20th Kid Now. Did God Die?

The Duggars found a way to get that 20th kid. Wonderful. More »

The Duggars Lost More Advertisers, Are Somehow Still On TV

How did this gingham cult even get another season? More »

Jessa Duggar Is Pregnant With Only Her Second Baby?! BLASPHEMER

Jessa Duggar is pregnant again. Finally. More »

Josh Duggar Is Being Sued By The Guy In His Ashley Madison Profile Pic

Josh Duggar’s wild ride is about to cost him the one thing he cares about the most (besides random vagina): money. More »

Another Josh Duggar Victim Came Forward

Reminder: Josh Duggar molested someone besides his own sisters, and now that poor girl is talking. More »

Josh Duggar Wants His Own Reality Show Now

Josh Duggar thinks people will watch him become a better Christian on TV. Then again, Donald Trump is a legitimate presidential candidate, so sure, why not? Nothing matters anymore. More »

The Duggars Are Using Birth Control To Stay On TV, I’m Telling Jesus!

The Duggars are planning when they get pregnant instead of flagrantly jizzing into each other until God puts a baby in them. It’s anarchy. More »

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