Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman

Dog the Bounty Hunter: I’d Solve ‘Making a Murderer’ With Truth Serum!

Dog the Bounty Hunter just cracked the Making a Murderer case wide open. It was so simple. More »

The Police Caught War Machine Without Dog The Bounty Hunter? Impossible

You can shoot an unarmed black kid six times in this country without most people batting an eye, but you’ll be goddamned if you beat the shit out of a porn star because we need them to jerk off. So after an intensive manhunt, US Marshals have finally arrested MMA fighter War Machine who’s apparently… More »

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Closing In On War Machine

Yesterday, we learned about War Machine’s romantic proposal to Christy Mack that somehow ended in him “allegedly” breaking 18 bones in her eye and rupturing her liver before attempting to rape her then cutting her hair with a dull knife when his dick wouldn’t work. It was the strangest thing, and he honestly has no… More »