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Reese, Cameron & Drew’s Beach Getaway:
The Crap I Missed – Friday 3.8.13

Well, I survived an entire week without Photo Boy. And just to prove I never needed him anyway, here’s Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore having a “girls getaway” in Mexico which is clearly a crazy sexy gallery that’s not at all filled with scary and depressing photos where Reese Witherspoon wins because I… More »

If You’re Staring At Jennifer Aniston’s Cleavage Right Now, We’re Dead. Just Kidding! (Maybe)

If you’re reading this post right now, that means Photo Boy and I never made it to our computers this morning because we both don’t have power and/or weren’t worthy enough followers of Barack Obama, so he murdered us with the hurricane he summoned with his Kenya magic to win the election. Playas gotta play. More »

Drew Barrymore Is (Probably) Pregnant

Yesterday, TMZ posted pics of Drew Barrymore leaving a doctor’s office holding what is almost definitely a printout from an ultrasound which is fucking terrible news considering Drew Barrymore’s relationships last exactly five minutes and eventually one of those five minutes will involve Dane Cook so now we owe it to this kid to make… More »

Drew Barrymore is Wasted

Because it’s Friday and I mentally checked out sometime after Karissa Shannon’s ass yesterday, I thought it’d be fun to pretend it’s 1986 when seeing a shit-faced Drew Barrymore was as adorably shocking as it was increasingly commonplace. Haha! She’s trying to be like E.T. when he drank the beers again. Oh, Gertie.

More »

GOLDEN GLOBES: How many f-cking people were at this thing?

And here’s one last pass through the Golden Globes before I lose my shit and firebomb an orphanage:

Jennifer Aniston does a bang-up job of diffusing those Gerard Butler rumors by showing him her vagina on the red carpet.
Anna Paquin who got robbed for Best Actress despite not being afraid to… More »

Drew Barrymore & Ellen Page are kissing

Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page lock lips and pretend to have some sort of pseudo-lesbian relationship in the October issue of Marie Claire. Except what’s teased as a “curiously intimate chitchat” with the two only includes talk of backpacking through Romania and absolutely no mention of me wearing a bear costume and holding the… More »

Drew Barrymore has nice hair

Drew Barrymore looks remarkably good on the set of her new movie Going the Distance Sunday. Granted, she probably had access to an entire hair and make-up team prior to these photos, let’s let Drew have her moment. She earned it. By sitting in a chair where let’s assume she couldn’t see her BlackBerry. More »

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