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Drake Tried To Bang Porn Star Mia Khalifa, It Didn’t Work

Drake tried to hook up with porn star Mia Khalifa by sending her a half-naked pic. She cringed. He made a porn star cringe.
By: The Superficial / January 27, 2015

Chris Brown Is Sorry He Called His Girlfriend A Cheating Whore

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran apparently broke up over the weekend, so naturally Chris Brown reacted in a healthy, constructive manner (compared to what he did to Rihanna's face) by calling her a cheating whore on Instagram and telling everybody they had threesomes together. Via ONTD: We've…
By: The Superficial / December 8, 2014

Rihanna Dumped Drake Again

Presumably because they'd been dating for three months and he still hadn't put her in the hospital yet, Rihanna has reportedly dumped Drake again, according to Us Weekly: "Rihanna and Drake had another fight," a source tells Us. "He is too in love with her, which has always bee…
By: The Superficial / May 15, 2014

An Open Letter From Justin #BBare To Drake On The Subject of Dat Ass

Dearest Drake (ak-47-a Wheelchair Jimmy), It has come to the attention of I, Justin Felonius B-Bare, Canada's One and Only Darkest Son, that you have been making references to da ass of one Selena Gomez who I, not even 24 hours ago, called a most…
By: The Superficial / March 4, 2014

Drake Calls Rolling Stone ‘Evil’ After Replacing His Cover With Philip Seymour Hoffman

Yesterday, Drake got a bunch of press after calling Macklemore's text to Kendrick Lamar "wack as fuck" in an interview with Rolling Stone. Except now Drake's the one acting wack as fuck after finding out Rolling Stone replaced his cover with Philip Seymour Hoffman and printed some words he…
By: The Superficial / February 13, 2014

Taylor Swift Is Petty And Vindictive? Whatever Do You Mean?

To put this as politely as I can, Taylor Swift was kind of a huge cunt at the VMAs last night which started with her clearly mouthing the words "shut the fuck up" to Selena Gomez (below) while Harry Styles and One Direction presented the award for Best Pop Video, and…
By: The Superficial / August 26, 2013

Amanda Bynes Found The Retweet Button

If you've visited Amanda Bynes' Twitter lately, you've probably noticed that she's stopped writing crazy rants about the media not using the paparazzi photos she likes causes her eating disorder to flare up and has moved onto retweeting Photoshops from her fans that she likes. Photoshops which I've included below the jump and will…
By: The Superficial / April 19, 2013

Amanda Bynes Wants Drake To ‘Murder’ Her Vagina

"Wait a second. Did that unicorn just move..." So in case you haven't seen this everywhere yet, Amanda Bynes tweeted this to Drake last night: I want @drake to murder my vagina And if you're wondering what took me so long to post this, I wanted to make sure I got…
By: The Superficial / March 22, 2013

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards

"I was told this was filled with Boston cream, not seeing any." Here's the rest of The 55th Annual Grammy Awards that doesn't involve Katy Perry's awesome breasts, Kat Dennings' almost-as-awesome breasts, evidence in Rihanna's murder or Jennifer Lopez's dress making it look like she has huge, giant testicles. Except…
By: The Superficial / February 11, 2013

Drake’s Entourage Refuses To Snitch

"Because ain't nothin' more street than Nivea hydrating lip gloss. It's UV protection all day, nigga." So far in the wake of the Chris Brown/Drake bar brawl at W.i.P nightclub in New York we've seen what feels like every single person alive claim to have injuries (I'm still picking glass out of…
By: The Superficial / June 18, 2012

Chris Brown Is A Snitch

If I learned anything from The Wire it's don't be snitchin' or Marlo will burn your house and foster mom down. (See, also: Turnin' into zombies, Chris and Snoop.) I also learned don't be shootin' no grandmas in their Sunday crowns which, now that I think about it, is probably the more practical advice. Anyway,…
By: The Superficial / June 15, 2012

Chris Brown & Drake Got Into A Fight Over Rihanna

Apparently Chris Brown and Drake's entourages got into a bar fight last night, most likely over Rihanna who's reportedly dating Drake again, and you can tell Chris fought a man this time because he immediately got injured and then threw a hissy fit on Twitter about it after posting a photo of…
By: The Superficial / June 14, 2012

Rihanna finds a rebound

Despite the office pool (consisting of me and a stapler) that she'd go lesbian, Rihanna has found herself a new man, according to Page Six: The Barbadian beauty showed up with a group of friends Monday at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge on West 42nd Street, but spent most of the night locking li…
By: The Superficial / May 21, 2009