Dr. Luke

Did Dr. Luke Really Get Dropped By Sony? How The Fuck Should I Know?

Dr. Luke got dropped by Sony. Or didn’t. Whichever. More »

Kelly Clarkson Was ‘Blackmailed’ Into Working With Dr. Luke

Kelly Clarkson goes off on Dr. Luke in radio interview. More »

Sony Is ‘Legally Unable’ To Free Kesha

Sony explains why it can’t just #FreeKesha. More »

Kesha And Dr. Luke Prepared Statements For You

Kesha and Dr. Luke are back to confuse the hell out of everybody. More »

So Here’s Video of Kesha Denying Dr. Luke Raped Her

TMZ has video of Kesha denying Dr. Luke raped her.  Gee, I wonder who sent them that. More »

Dr. Luke Couldn’t Have Raped Kesha Because His Mom Was A Feminist?

Dr. Luke denies he raped Kesha on Twitter but mostly makes himself look way more guilty. More »

And Now Back To Kesha Said, Dr. Luke Said

I’m going to start myself off in a hole here, and see how far I can climb myself out or dig myself even deeper as I do. Kesha’s stint in rehab for an “eating disorder” has always seemed sketchy as shit. Especially when her mom checked in with her for “PTSD” which now seems even… More »

Kesha Sues Dr. Luke For Sexual Assault

Kesha looks unfortunate in swimsuits – Bear with me! – but that doesn’t mean she, or any woman, should ever be the victim of the shit she’s suing her producer Dr. Luke for allegedly doing. TMZ reports:

According to a new lawsuit — obtained by TMZ — Kesha claims Dr. Luke was abusive… More »