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Oh, Good, It’s Paris Hilton’s Crotch-Hole.

Here’s a drunk, and let’s assume high, as hell Paris Hilton misting the VIP Room in St. Tropez with typhoid Saturday night where Doug Reinhardt also showed up in a horribly executed attempt to rekindle their romance. Which makes sense considering most women aren’t into dudes whose genitals look and smell like Chernobyl. (They’re weird… More »

Doug Reinhardt looks about right

Friendly Advice: When you somehow manage to convince Miss World United States 2008 into going out with you despite a vast public record of you spelunking for crabs, you should probably lay off the flagrant crotch scratching. You might as well yell “I HAVE HERPES!” in her face before mentioning your doctor won’t rule… More »

Doug Reinhardt isn’t giving (any) Miss USA herpes

Yesterday rumors started that Doug Reinhardt was dating current Miss USA Rima Fakih which ended up being corrected because he’s really dating last year’s Miss USA Kristen Dalton. Except, surprise, neither one of America’s beauty queens are getting the herpes swab. E! News reports:

Not only is he not dating the current Miss… More »

Doug Reinhardt spent $2 mil to make his penis itch

Doug Reinhardt reportedly dropped over $2 million on Paris Hilton during their relationship, according to RadarOnline:

“Doug never used Paris. He spent 2 million dollars on her over the course of a year and a half,” a source revealed to “She never once paid for a single thing.”
Reinhardt, a former professional… More »

Doug Reinhardt Has Herpes: A Public Service Announcement

Here’s Doug Reinhardt scoring some more ass at Industry last night and I feel like I’d be doing a disservice to the community if I didn’t make sure this information was out there:


I mean, you’d think Obama would step… More »

Paris and Doug definitely broke up

There’s been a lot of speculation over whether or not Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt really broke up, and these pics from his recent trip to Aspen show he’s clearly taken his penis to greener pastures. Not that I’m saying Paris’ vagina isn’t green or anything. It’s a figure of a speech, people.

More »

Paris Hilton is single

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt broke up again, according to E! News reports:

The reported split comes after weeks of Hilton and Reinhardt being photographed out separately. While Paris spent Easter with her family in Palm Springs, Reinhardt was in Aspen with his family.
Our sources say that Reinhardt had thought about visiting… More »

Paris Hilton in a bikini and other slutty outfits

Here’s Paris Hilton in Rio de Janeiro over the weekend where she promoted Devassa beer at Carnaval. Because when you’re Brazilian and in need of refreshment that lasts forever in your urethra, Devassa’s there.

What? Was that not what they were going for?

*looks again*

Sure about that?


Paris Hilton denies drunken fight with Doug

Captain Birdfoot of the S.S. Barnacled Clam is denying she was involved in a fight with Doug Reinhardt that ended in the cops showing up at her house, according to TMZ:

“Doug and I were in bed, sound asleep, when Doug’s houseguests from hell got into an argument. We had nothing to… More »

Paris & Doug still beating the shit out of each other

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt reportedly got into another drunken brawl this morning, according to TMZ:

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt got into an epic fight early this morning … so much so the LAPD responded to a call — “Drunk people arguing” — this, according to law enforcement sources.
It happened a… More »

Doug Reinhardt photographed choking Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt went at each other last night in front of the paparazzi. The two were out celebrating Halloween and apparently the shit hit the fan when they got in an argument inside their limo and Doug threw Paris’ phone out the window, according to Splash News. Paris was reportedly yelling… More »

Paris Hilton has lost her shit

Seen here in Vancouver to film her Supernatural cameo, Paris Hilton has officially crossed the line into psycho girlfriend territory. Scope out what she did to Doug Reinhardt’s house before heading out of town, according to E! News:

Before jet-setting to Vancouver, Paris had her team pay a visit to D.R.’s house, bringing… More »

Doug Reinhardt shot down by The Hills

Looks like Doug Reinhardt is regretting Paris Hilton shitting on The Hills back in May. Much like he crawled back to Paris, he’s crawling back to his old stomping grounds who want nothing to do with him. And he works for free. Page Six reports:

Cast members of MTV’s “The Hills” were overheard… More »

Paris Hilton allowed near aquatic life

Here’s Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt continuing their vacation in Bora Bora over the weekend, and someone thought it’d be a great idea to let Paris swim with stingrays which raises two important questions: 1. Who’s more afraid of getting stung by who in this scenario? And 2. How pissed off is Steve Irwin’s… More »

Paris Hilton in a bikini – with Doug Reinhardt

Here’s Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt rekindling their love in Bora Bora yesterday, and can someone explain to me why the hell’s there’s a hole in Paris’ leg? Wait. Of course! It makes perfect sense: A backup vagina. So that’s how she got Doug back. (Not counting money.)

Photos: Splash NewsMore »

Doug Reinhardt romancing Paris in Fiji

Doug Reinhardt is doing his best to get back in the good/itchy graces of Paris Hilton, according to E! News:

He’s rented a private island in Fiji for the two of them, where they are currently spending their time deep-sea diving, Jet Skiing and even sky diving.
Sources close to Doug say… More »

Seth Rogen shot down by Megan Fox and other news

- Robert Pattinson looks like “feminie,” according to Twilight co-star Nikki Reed. She’ll be dead within the hour. [Lainey Gossip]

- Katherine Heigl’s mouth is basically one more retarded comment away from sodomizing her career. [Celebslam]

- Kevin Federline doesn’t do tips. Unless it’s his penis and no condoms are… More »

Paris Hilton’s family hated Doug Reinhardt

Turns out Paris Hilton’s family was never really a fan of Doug Reinhardt and thought he was “riding her coattails.” Somebody should probably tell them those draggy things aren’t her coattails. E! News reports:

“I think Paris needs to be with someone who is a bit more mature, older and has their… More »

Kendra Wilkinson has a bachelorette party

- Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper had a conveniently photographed date last night. Somewhere Angelina is still not giving a shit. [Lainey Gossip]

- Ricky Martin has finally come out of the closet. The completely transparent one that might as well not even be there. [Celebslam]

- Heidi Klum is getting her… More »

Anna Paquin should do bad things to me

- Robert Pattinson is straight, everyone. He was just joking/trying to make every teenage girl with the Internet kill herself so he can go to Starbucks without getting gang-raped. [ICYDK]

- Taylor Swift is our nation’s greatest country singer. Why the hell are we not related? [Lainey Gossip]

- Ryan ReynoldsMore »

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