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Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg Got Their Own Reality Show

Posted by Photo Boy Because the world is a giant stockpot of diarrhea and reality television is the spoon that stirs it, it's only right that Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg get to make their own deposit. When reached for comment, the couple dropped this verbal nugget and yes I'm…
By: Photo Boy / November 12, 2014

Jenny McCarthy Lost Her Wedding Ring Already

Because Jenny McCarthy is like super hilariously dumb, you guys - haha, *snort* - she already totally lost her wedding ring, and she hasn't even been married a whole month! *farrrt* But definitely listen to her for medical advice though. Us Weekly reports, and brace yourself to not read…
By: The Superficial / September 18, 2014

Marky Mark Skipped Donnie Wahlberg & Jenny McCarthy’s Wedding

Probably coz Jenny McCarthy’s gawddamn tits make you wanna mastahbate, and when you mastahabate you ain't gawt enough strength to stawp 9/11, frickin' Mahky Mahk didn’t even go to his brotha Donnie’s weddin’ in frickin’ Chicago. But he did send him this wickid pissah video o…
By: The Superficial / September 2, 2014

Jenny McCarthy’s Breasts And, I Dunno, Something About Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Emmys were yesterday and honored hard-working, dedicated individuals who diligently work behind-the-scenes to create all the shows we can't shut up about. Except none of those people have huge, fake breasts, so here's Jenny McCarthy. Which is a shame because she's killed people. Kids are…
By: The Superficial / August 18, 2014

Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg Got Engaged

Jenny McCarthy is a reckless fartbag of dumb who's at least partially responsible for the death of thousands of children, but she has big tits and a working vagina, so that's good enough for me, says four out of five penises including Donnie Wahlberg's who just proposed to her.
By: The Superficial / April 16, 2014

Jenny McCarthy Thought Donnie Wahlberg Was Gay

When Jenny McCarthy first met Donnie Wahlberg, she gave him her phone number which he didn't call right away to have sex with her, so clearly he's a faggot, thought the greatest medical mind of our generation. E! News reports: The couple first met in March on the set of McCarthy'…
By: The Superficial / September 12, 2013

Jenny McCarthy’s Banging Donnie Wahlberg

Remembah Mahkie's olda brotha? Donnie? Da one dat was in dat movie where Jason Lee kept fahtin' because an alien was in his butt, and Donnie was like this super retahd or somethin' who had to fight the butt alien even though it was Brody from Homeland, his best friend growin' up? Remembah…
By: The Superficial / July 15, 2013

New Kids on the Block apparently still have fans

The New Kids on the Block appeared on The Today Show this morning to a horde of screaming fans. Half of which weren't even born when they used to be popular. But, it's official, NKOTB is back, baby! What surprises me the most is seeing Donnie Wahlberg transition from group bad boy to suave spokesperson.
By: The Superficial / April 4, 2008