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Lady GaGa Walks Around Donatella Versace’s House Topless, NBD

Here’s Lady GaGa completely topless while hanging out at Donatella Versace’s house with Terry Richardson who she apparently brought on tour with her. Because if there’s ever a perfect disguise for your coke dealer it’s methed-out pedophile holding a camera. “DANGER!” my mind barely said.

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I will never get an erection again.

Here’s a topless Donatella Versace in St. Barth’s yesterday and I don’t know how the hell the paparazzi knew this was her let alone a live human being. Seriously, it looks like someone pulled Pamela Anderson out of the sun’s core then told her sunscreen would help. “No, really, it doesn’t look that bad. More »

Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Donatella Versace?

- Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Donatella Versace? How the fuck does that even hap- Oh, right, he has a drinking problem. In that case, now would be a good time not to sober up. [Lainey Gossip]

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Donatella Versace in a bikini = Adios, future erections!

Here’s renowned fashion designer Donatella Versace on the beach at St. Barts and doing a damn fine job of trying to make me bleed from the eyes. On that note, someone needs to tell Donatella Schindler’s List is a movie, not a fashion statement because, no joke, this woman’s only 53. Until I looked it… More »