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Salma Hayek Shot Down Donald Trump, He Took It Well

Donald Trump tried to bang Salma Hayek, and then acted like a calm, rational adult who should run her country when it didn’t pan out. More »

What Is Tom Hanks On ‘Black Jeopardy’ Trying To Say Here?

Tom Hanks on “Black Jeopardy” has an interesting message. More »

Another Woman Has Accused Donald Trump of Groping Her

A new Donald Trump accuser has come forward because apparently he’s going to move on Bill Cosby’s numbers like a bitch. More »

Madonna Threatens To Blow Anyone Who Votes For Hillary Clinton

Dammit, Madonna, sit down on your Dark Throne of the Dead. More »

Aziz Ansari Made The Best ‘Get Out The Vote’ Video

Aziz Ansari doesn’t get why you need Aziz Ansari’s advice here. More »

I Guess We Have To Talk About This Amy Schumer Thing

Donald Trump fans are apparently just as pissy as he is. More »

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