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So Gwyneth Paltrow Probably Voted For Trump

Gwyneth Paltrow is super excited about Trump’s America. More »

Kanye West Loves Donald Trump, Hopes He Builds That Wall

If Kanye West voted, he’d vote to marry Donald Trump. More »

Paris Hilton Voted For Trump

Paris Hilton is a rich white lady. Is anyone shocked here? More »

Stephen Hawking Says Human Race Will Survive Another 1,000 Years

Stephen Hawking is surprisingly optimistic about humanity’s chances. More »

Samantha Bee Got Renewed?! But Trump Won! #MAGA

Samantha Bee will continue to be the light in our orange tunnel to Hell. More »

Michael Shannon: Trump Voters Are A ‘Big Red Dildo’ That Fucked Us All

I don’t think Michael Shannon likes Donald Trump. Call it a hunch. More »

Alec Baldwin Is Done Playing Trump On ‘Saturday Night Live’

And the aftermath continues. More »

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