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Has Anyone Seen or Heard From The White House Bunny Since Sunday?

If anyone has any information on a giant, white bunny with drag queen makeup, Ben Franklin glasses, and a look on its face that says “I haven’t slept since ‘Nam” – please contact authorities. More »

Trump Tried To Force One Direction To Meet His Daughter

3 Doors Down would never have acted like this. Superstars. Extremely talented. Very nice! More »

Ivana Wrote A Book About Raising Donald Trump’s Shitty Kids

Ivana Trump wrote a book about raising the gaggle of nepotism that’s going to starve America dead then pick its pockets. More »

T.I. Has Joined The National Discourse On Snoop V. Shitgibbon

T.I. would like to share some eloquent words on the state of our body politic. Heed them well. More »

Donald Trump Is Tweeting About Snoop Dogg Now, Oh Good

“Paul Ryan is going to buttfuck 24 million people out of their health insurance, but did you guys see the new Snoop Dogg video?!” – Donald Trump, making America great More »

Jennifer Garner Thinks Eating Steak With Trump Will Help

Jennifer Garner didn’t take shit from Ben Affleck, so she’s certainly not going to take it from Donny Dumbass. More »

Oprah Might Actually Run For President Because of Trump

Oprah might run for President in 2020 because Brawndo’s got what plants crave. (Fucked: We are all) More »

Perving Over Emma Stone Caused The Best Picture Oscar Mistake

Emma Stone’s hotness caused the Best Picture flub at the Oscars. Or is that what Obama wants us to think?! More »

Nice Job Endorsing Trump, Caitlyn Jenner, How’s That Working Out?

You’ve done enough, Caitlyn Jenner. Go sit down. More »

Jimmy Fallon Finally Went After Trump. Sort Of.

Jimmy Fallon wants you to think he hates Trump now even though they were best buds before the election. Please watch his show! More »

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