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Good Morning, Diane Kruger Wearing A Bikini For Pacey, And Other News

- Eventually there will be a Mad Max movie starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. [Lainey Gossip]

- Julia Roberts just shaded Jennifer Lawrence. [Dlisted]

- The Newly Single Chivettes are in. [theCHIVE]

– I see Gwyneth Paltrow has prepared her holiday camouflage. You’ll never see her organic paella… More »

‘Whee! We’re Rich And On Drugs Just Like Hippies! F*ck You, Dad!’

“Shit. Did I lock the Beamer?”
“Hehe! I traded it for acid. Do me in that clown skull!”

Here’s the rest of the first weekend of Coachella where rich people dressed like an American Eagle ad and stuffed themselves so full of drugs they forgot they had children and/or nothing but aMore »

Stacy Keibler, Cindy Crawford, Diane Kruger and Leilani Dowding Wore Bikinis

Rather than dole these out throughout the course of the day, here’s a goddamn breakfast bonanza of Bikini Photos featuring George Clooney’s public girlfriend Stacy Keibler, George Clooney’s secret girlfriend Cindy Crawford, George Clooney’s eventual girlfriend Diane Kruger and Leilani Dowding who George Clooney will probably roll up in a shower curtain one day if… More »

Diane Kruger is a Sex Panther

Here’s Diane Kruger wearing a panther swimsuit in Mexico yesterday which you’ll probably recognize from Rihanna’s trip to Barbados over New Year’s, making this post even more amazing because apparently not one, but two women looked at this thing and went, “Yes, that’s what I want to wear at my most self-conscious.” So clearly there’s… More »

Diane Kruger in a bikini

Here’s Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson in Mexico over the holiday and apparently a major part of their relationship includes Joshua taking sexy bikini photos of Diane. Presumably for the day she wakes up and realizes “Wait a minute. Weren’t you in The Skulls?” then dies trying to steam clean her vagina. It’s really… More »