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The Tiger Woods Sex Tape is Fake

But here’s what it might’ve looked like.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, the supposed sex tape being hocked by the Tiger Woods mistress who already tried to claim she birthed his love child – using another man’s DNA – is a scam. Although there was a little more effort put into this plan… More »

This is Not Baby Tiger.

A DNA test proves Tiger Woods is NOT the father of the young boy above whose face first appeared on because his mother’s a filthy porn star who loves money. TMZ reports: … More »

There’s a new Tiger mistress.

This is Devon James, the latest mistress to come forward and say she had an affair with Tiger Woods, according to RadarOnline. But let’s not act like finding out Tiger banged another porn star even qualifies as news anymore, so let’s take a look at Devon’s website. Namely the section that lists the items… More »