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Michael Lohan: ‘I Bribed Dawn Holland, But Only Because She Hit Lindsay.’ Eh?

Michael Lohan has come forward to confess that it he was him, not Lindsay Lohan, who bribed the now-fired Betty Ford employee Dawn Holland in exchange for her silence. Except Michael Lohan is an idiot because he wants you to believe he bribed Dawn Holland into being quiet about how guilty Dawn Holland is. Makes… More »

Lindsay Lohan Offered Betty Ford Accuser $25,000 To Shut Up

Confirming what pretty much anyone even vaguely familiar with the situation already assumed, Dawn Holland – the Betty Ford worker Lindsay Lohan assaulted (There’s no allegedly now.) – was offered $25,000 to keep quiet along with an agreement to set up photos and interviews with Lindsay so everyone could cash in on this situation. The… More »

Police: Lindsay Lohan Was Drunk or High in Rehab

Palm Desert police are adamant that Lindsay Lohan violated her probation the night she allegedly attacked a Betty Ford employee and are now certain she was definitely drunk – or even high – at the time, because they’re rational human beings with functioning logic centers. TMZ reports:

Sources say the cops believe Lindsay… More »

Police: Lindsay Lohan Violated Probation

“But… but… I’m so pretty.”

Despite the fact her accuser suddenly refused to cooperate with police before falling off the face of the Earth – Read: Dina paid her off – Palm Spring Police announced today they have enough evidence to charge Lindsay Lohan with battery effectively putting her in violation of her… More »

Lindsay Lohan Was Only Drinking Shirley Temples. Of Course.

With Lindsay Lohan surprisingly having the benefit of the doubt regarding her allegedly returning to her sober house drunk and assaulting a Betty Ford staffer, leave it to Team Lohan (Read: Dina and Michael who are clearly the sources here.) to not be able to keep their mouth shut and simply ride this thing out. More »

Lindsay Lohan Gets Another Free Pass

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been struggling all morning to bring myself to talk about this latest Lindsay Lohan fiasco because, bottom line, it ends with her getting a free pass for getting drunk at a bar while in court-ordered rehab and, at minimum, getting shitty with a technician trying to give her a… More »

Lindsay Lohan Attacked The Rehab Staff

Add battery charges to claims that Lindsay Lohan was partying at her sober living house. According to TMZ, after Lindsay and her roommates arrived home from a purely innocent night out at the bar – It’s not like they’re medically-diagnosed alcoholics or anything. Amirite? – one of the Betty Ford staffers confronted Lindsay who decided… More »