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David Spade: ‘Chris Farley’s family signed off on Direct TV ad’

David Spade is defending the newest Direct TV ad featuring the late Chris Farley in the infamous “Fat Guy in a Little Coat” scene from Tommy Boy which some found a tad macabre. Spade reportedly pulled in $200,000, but his rep says the Farley family was supportive of the spot, according to Page Six:
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Nicollette Sheridan & David Spade: Why not?

Middle-aged? Recently dumped by your respectable-looking musician boyfriend/husband? Don’t worry. David Spade’s gonna make everything alright. OK! Magazine reports:

The Desperate Housewives star was celebrating her 45th birthday at new L.A. hot spot Luau in Beverly Hills — the same place they were spotted together a few weeks ago at the grand opening… More »

David Spade ‘texted’ Heather Locklear after DUI

David Spade, who somehow dated Heather Locklear in 2006 (Damn his hobbit magic!), texted her shortly after her recent DUI arrest to lend his support, according to People:

“I think things get blown out a lot of proportion,” said Spade. “She’s always solid and always a great person. And I think people… More »

David Spade is a dad

Remember when David Spade found out he knocked up a Playboy Bunny? I’m kidding. No one does. But that didn’t stop a baby girl from popping out of Jillian Grace’s vagina making David Spade a first-time daddy and, also, a first-time wage garnishee. People reports:

“David and Jillian have been in close… More »

David Spade might have knocked up Playboy Bunny

Jillian Grace, Miss March 2005, claims David Spade is the father of her unborn child. She claims the two had a relationship that led to her pregnancy. David Spade didn’t deny anything when approached by TMZ:

“I had a brief relationship with Jillian Grace. If it is true that I am the… More »