David O. Russell

David O. Russell: Jennifer Lawrence’s Work In ‘The Hunger Games’ Is Slavery

The Hunger Games are essentially the next Twilight series albeit with better acting, reviews and story because it’s not a Mormom abstinence parable with sparkle-wiener vampires. So with that naturally comes a grueling film schedule and public attention which Jennifer Lawrence has never openly complained about because she’s the anti-Kristen Stewart a.k.a. fucking delightful. Which… More »

David O. Russell Fondled His Transgender Niece’s Breasts, Claims It Was Consensual

Seen here doing a remarkable job pretending Mark Wahlberg’s lack of prosthetic breasts doesn’t bring him unspeakable sadness, The Fighter director David O. Russell is apparently under investigation for fondling his 19-year-old transgender niece’s breasts even though he claims she told him to which, let’s agree, makes this sound not-at-all fucked-up. TMZ reports:

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