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Papa, What’s Porn? A Very Special Bertney Story


This edition of Bertney tackles the very recent and sensitive subject of her “boyfriend,” for lack of a better term, David Lucado cheating on her with pornographic actress Cali Lee. It’s up to Papa to explain to Bertney what went wrong, and we’re sensitive to the fact that… More »

‘Cheesecakes Costs Monies?’

When Photo Boy slapped together these pics of Britney Spears leaving The Cheesecake Factory, he made sure to point out the look of sheer joy on her face. Which is almost definitely because of The Cheesecake Factory, but she could’ve just as easily watched Frozen so she’d stay in the booth. Have you seen that… More »

Bertney’s Smurkurr

Bertney’s Smurkurr
A Vroom! Vroom! Story For Early Readers

Bertney loved her new Smurkurr.
“It’s like driving a soder can!” she told Papa the day he brought it home.
At first, she wasn’t happy that her old car had to go away, but Papa said he was tired of burying
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Bertney And The Moobie Party

Bertney And The Moobie Party
A Word-Hero Super Tale!

Bertney loved moobies. They were always such a fun way to past the time while at home or riding in the car. Especially with Furnch fries! Her favorites have talking animals in them, silly puppets, and sometimes her old friends from being aMore »

Adrienne Bailon: ‘Britney Spears Can’t Hold A Conversation’

There’s a lot of money to be made in pretending Britney Spears is just your normal celebrity who went through a rough patch and never once getting into the fact the has to be borderline, if not legally, retarded for her dad to have a conservatorship over her. (Case in point: Amanda Bynes turned into… More »

Bertney Spears And Her Boyfen Are Official, Y’All

Britney Spears and David Lucado have been spotted together a lot lately, but it’s never really been confirmed that he’s her boyfriend. Not to mention he looks like one of her bodyguards, hangs back like one of her bodyguards and the Shamrock Shakes are out which is usually when she one of her bodyguards. Except… More »

Well, Son of A Gun, Britney Spears Can Golf

I’ve been joking for the past week or two that’s there’s no way Britney Spears met her new boyfriend David Lucado during a game of golf, yet here she is actually being allowed to handle a club over the weekend and without a single person standing by with a chair and whip. I’m guessing they… More »

It’s Bertney’s New Boyfriend

Back in February, Britney Spears supposedly met a man at the country club because if there’s a sport that immediately comes to mind when you think about Britney, it’s golf. Turns out she really did find a new boyfriend, because here’s the two of them leaving what I assume is a Chuck E. Cheese because… More »