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BREAKING: Santa Is Real, Was David Letterman The Whole Time

David Letterman looks like this now, but don’t worry, he’ll get fatter by Christmas. I saw it in a movie. More »

Tina Fey Stripped Down To Her Spanx For David Letterman

Tina Fey decided to strip down to her Spanx for her last appearance on Letterman. You’re welcome? Maybe? (UPDATE: You love it! Hurray!) … … More »

Madonna Dated Tupac

Madonna dated Tupac Shakur who apparently made her act “gangsta” which explains his mysterious death. No one makes the Dark Queen say words that are not hers. INSOLENCE. More »

Bill Cosby’s ‘Fixer’ Comes Forward: A Pudding Pop of Rape Report

It’s been 72 hours since I last wrote about Bill Cosby, so naturally five more accusers have come forward along with a former NBC employee who claims that he stood guard outside of Cosby’s dressing room door The Cosby Show years while Dr. Huxtable brought in model after model, some allegedly as young as 16… More »

A New Bill Cosby Rape Accuser Came Forward

When we last left Bill Cosby, his Twitter team thought it’d be a great idea to ask the Internet to “meme him” which ended with predictable results, and things haven’t got much better. His upcoming appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman was quietly pulled, and then on Saturday he made headlines after a… More »

Dave Chappelle Finally Talked About Quitting ‘Chappelle’s Show’ (Sort Of)

In a rare interview, Dave Chappelle stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman last night where, according to hundreds of Internet headlines, he supposedly opened up about quitting Chappelle’s Show and walking away from goddamn millions. Except what really happened is he gave a bunch of awkward, ambiguous remarks about money and happiness where… More »

Stephen Colbert Is Replacing David Letterman
(R.I.P. Colbert Report)

Hey, do you like Colbert Report? Well, fuck you, it’s over. It’s all over because CBS just announced Stephen Colbert as David Letterman’s successor for The Late Show which means his Comedy Central show will end at the of 2014 when his contract was up. Although on the bright side, he’s bringing the entire staff… More »

And Now Back To Kat Dennings’ Breasts

I just spent 8,000 words talking about the #pedorazzi, so here are Kat Dennings’ breasts which I don’t have to write any words about because they’re Kat Dennings’ breasts. They Kat Dennings’ breasts themselves.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, INFphoto, Splash News, WENNMore »

And Now The Time Jennifer Lawrence Shit Herself

Alright, Internet, I’m going to say some things about your girlfriend, and I understand if it costs me a wedding invitation, but I only make with the real talk because I love. Long before Jennifer Lawrence started telling humorous anecdotes about shitting herself, there was another attractive blonde, also named Jenny, who liked to tell… More »

Lindsay Lohan Thought David Letterman Wouldn’t Ask Her About Rehab. He Did.

There’s no way I’m ruining this with a caption.

For God knows what reason, Lindsay Lohan was on The Late Show last night where she apparently thought she was a big enough star to make David Letterman stick to pre-approved questions which he didn’t and instead proceeded to constantly ask her about her… More »

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