David Copperfield

David Copperfield isn’t a rapist after all

Despite the fact he looks exactly like one and mastered the art of sorcery, David Copperfield is not a rapist and now the woman who accused of him sexual assault on his private island has been arrested for prostitution and pretty much pulling the exact same scheme on another man. TMZ reports:

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David Copperfield is trying way, way too hard

David Copperfield is currently under investigation for allegedly raping a woman at his private resort in the Bahamas. David has an elaborate system set-up with his employees to help him meet women. This system is so detailed that David Copperfield provides his workers with an instruction manual for locating “scorpions” which is a… More »

David Copperfield case goes before grand jury

Several law enforcement officials have confirmed that a Seattle grand jury is investigating the accusations that David Copperfield sexually assaulted an aspiring 21-year-old model. The Seattle Times pretty much confirms earlier reports from The National Enquirer and provides info on how the magician first met his alleged victim while at a show with… More »

David Copperfield allegedly tried to bribe victim

David Copperield allegedly offered two million dollars to the Seattle woman accusing him of rape if she remained silent. Coincidentally, the FBI supposedly seized two million in cash when they raided David’s Las Vegas warehouse last week. The money may have been prepped for a visit the FBI had the victim arrange with… More »

David Copperfield goes through a lot of trouble to meet women

David Copperfield’s Las Vegas warehouse was raided last week by the FBI. A computer hard drive and digital camera equipment were confiscated. While the reasons for the raid weren’t immediately disclosed, it appears a Seattle woman is claiming the magician raped her in the Bahamas. The seized camera equipment may provide a clue,… More »

David Copperfield is hiding something from the FBI

David Copperfield is being investigated by the FBI though nobody will explain why. He has a warehouse in Las Vegas called the International Museum & Library of the Conjuring Arts where he keeps tricks and memorabilia, and it was raided by FBI agents Wednesday where they seized a computer hard drive, a digital… More »