david carradine

Ashton Kutcher is kind of a dick

So Ashton Kutcher posted the following tweet yesterday in regards to David Carradine:

Remind me to never asphyxiate myself while masterbating in bangkok. It just confused people.

@Whoever this tweet was aimed at: Ashton just called and said “Nevermind. Please remind me to masturbate in Bangkok and die in the process… More »

David Carradine’s hands tied behind his back, foul play suspected

David Carradine’s manager suspects foul play and revealed the actor had his hands tied behind his back, according to TMZ:

Chuck Binder, Carradine’s manager, tells us he firmly believes Carradine did not take his own life — nor does he think David died accidentally. Binder says the family has been told Carradine’s… More »

UPDATE: David Carradine found dead in Bangkok

David Carradine, best known for starring in the TV series Kung Fu, was found dead yesterday in Bangkok where he was on location shooting a film, according to People:

According to manager Chuck Binder, the movie’s producer went to Carradine’s hotel room and found that he had passed away. Binder told Fox… More »