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Tom Cruise & David Beckham Played It Real Cool At Last Night’s Kings Game

Posted by Photo Boy

Like all celebrities do during playoffs, Tom Cruise and David Beckham pretended to be huge fans of the sport and showed up for some awesome seats at last night’s Kings v. Sharks game. Knowing next to nothing about sports, even I know nobody gives a shit about hockey. This… More »

Gerard Butler Photobombed The Sh-t Out Of David Beckham’s Last Game

In every photo like this, there’s always Gerard Butler saying “This id’na my coke den,” with his eyes.

Or David Beckham getting a monster BJ. Either one.

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Katie Holmes Gets Nothing From Pre-Nup, Doesn’t Even Care Just Wants The Eff Out

Before we go back down Xenu’s rabbit hole, let’s just take a minute to marvel at Katie Holmes’ acting skills. Here she is in her car after making her first public appearance for Project Runway yesterday where clearly she let her guard down for a moment and, understandably, looks like a tired woman who’s aging… More »

The Duke and Duchess Grace America With Their Graceness

“We recolonize them at dawn. I’ll ready the churros.”

After their royal wedding distracted the world from America shooting Osama bin Laden in the face, the newly-named Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, brought their North American visit to Los Angeles over the weekend where they gazed lovingly upon… More »

Who *Isn’t* Giving Birth This Summer? Let’s Start There.

“There a baybee poppin’ out yet? Coulda sworn this is how y’all do it.”

Off the top of my head, this who’s given birth this summer, and I guarantee I’m going to forget at least five people because pretty much every celebrity with a uterus decided to see if it still works last… More »

David Beckham in Tighty Whiteys, Anyone? And Other News

Merry Christmas, Tiny Tom!

- Trey Parker and Matt Stone apologize for ripping off CollegeHumor. [Popeater]

- Joan Collins has no love for Jennifer Aniston. [Dlisted]

- Neve Campbell in a bikini. Yay? [Hollywood Tuna]

- Emmanuelle Chriqui is perfection. [Popoholic]

- MTV subpoenaed for… More »

Pamela Anderson is classy and other news

- Ivanka Trump is engaged. Great. Now where am I going to find a young, billionaire sugar mama with awesome breasts? Even if Donald makes another baby today, I’ll be almost 50 by the time’s it 18 which means I’ll have to be the rich one. Stupid cockblocking capitalism, I hate you! [PopEater]

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Megan Fox’s ass is awesome and other news

- Artie Lange was busted for DUI this afternoon. Wow. It took that long to pick this guy up for driving under the influence? Was the officer feeling lazy today or something? “Hmm… One ticket short. What’s Artie Lange doing?” [PopEater]

- Angelina Jolie flew Shiloh and Zahara on her private plane making… More »

Kim Kardashian just lowered property values

- Lauren Conrad claims Ryan Gosling hit on her. Does he like them boring? I forget. [Lainey Gossip]

- Jenna Fischer is engaged. That’s what she said. (See what I did there?) [PopEater]

- Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel aren’t broken up. Just unhappily drifting through life’s menial chores together. Whee? More »

David Beckham holding a giant rope in his underwear

David Beckham unveiled his new Armani ad on Oxford St. in London this morning, and I’d probably be enticed to buy these briefs if I was part of the target demographic. Sadly, for Armani, I’m not a gay sailor on the S.S. Ropecock.

Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News, WENNMore »

David & Victoria Beckham leaving America?

David Beckham is looking to ditch the LA Galaxy soccer team and stay with Italian team AC Milan who he just might take to the championships. Galaxy owners want David back before the start of their season, but he has an escape clause that could allow him to end his five-year contract early. The LAMore »

Victoria Beckham does sexy stuff for Armani

Victoria Beckham scored a multi-million deal with Armani late last year and these are the first ads from her campaign. I call this one “Tom Cruise Stops By the Beckham House at an Inopportune Time. Flips the Fuck Out.” I don’t know how that’ll sell clothes, but what do I know? Besides everything.

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David Beckham or Josh Hartnett?

Alright, ladies, there’s been an abundance of strippers today, so here’s two men who went out and engaged in completely opposite activities last night: David Beckham bungee jumped in New Zealand while Josh Hartnett went to The Groucho Club in London. So which one floats your boat and the mythical little man who “allegedly” lives… More »

David Beckham is kind of a pussy, also idiot

Tough guy David Beckham decided to start a fight with a paparazzo yesterday, but then let his bodyguards do the dirty work while he jetted off to get a manicure and, let’s assume, vaginal rejuvenation surgery. E! Online reports:

According to an eyewitness, Beckham went up to the car and tried to get the… More »

David Beckham will never stop loving cheerleaders

The folks over at Socialite Life got a hold of some pics of David Beckham ogling cheerleaders again at last night’s Lakers game (above). And seriously, who can blame the guy? Just look at his wife. Victoria Beckham’s built like an 18th century waif from a Charles Dickens’ novel: “Please, sir, may I have another… More »

David Beckham’s life story to become a musical

Sometimes dreams do come true. In this case, a really retarded one called “David Beckham: The Musical.” (Actually, it’s called “The Theater of Dreams,” but close enough.) Set to launch in London’s West Side, the production will basically portray David as the Jesus of soccer. I shit you not. The UK Telegraph reports:
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Ana Obregón in a bikini = David Beckham hit that

Spanish actress Ana Obregón hit the beach in Miami and it looks like she’s joined by Jack from Will & Grace. (Okay, not really.) David Beckham allegedly tapped Ana’s 56-year-old ass which earned her the nickname “Geriatric Barbie” from Victoria Beckham. Now before you say “Awww yeah” take a closer look. Once you finish chasing… More »

Rebecca Loos hopes these will jog your memory

Rebecca Loos is the alleged mistress of David Beckham while he lived in Madrid. She was his personal assistant that supposedly personally assisted him in the pants department for four months. These are some topless shots she recently took for News of the World in order to maintain some form of relevancy. Kudos, it worked. More »

David Beckham is cool with dudes

David Beckham has no problem being worshipped by women and guys. In fact, he welcomes it, according to Page Six:

“I’m very honored to have the tag of gay icon,” the LA Galaxy soccer star told BBC radio. In fact, the strapping athlete is so comfortable with his masculinity, he lets his… More »

David Beckham says Tom Cruise is not trying to convert him

David Beckham is quashing rumors that Tom Cruise is trying to convert him to Scientology. The two have been close friends since David and his wife Victoria Beckham moved to Los Angeles where Tom and Katie threw a lavish party upon their arrival. The Daily Mail reports:

“We respect their religion. We… More »

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