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Goddammit, Chelsea Handler, Put That Thing Away

Because apparently more awful shit can happen today, here’s Chelsea Handler promoting her SiriusXM interview with Dave Grohl by tweeting a photo of her left tit hanging out. Which sounds like a reasonable explanation except I’d also accept she’s proving God has forsaken us, and that we shouldn’t fear Hell because we’re already living in… More »

Courtney Love Apologizes To Frances Bean For Saying She Banged Dave Grohl

“Lousy gummint always tryin’ to steal my baby. Stop touchin’ me, Obama!”

Last week, heroin told Courtney Love it’d be an awesome idea to go on Twitter and accuse Dave Grohl of banging Frances Bean because he’s always been “sexually obsessed” with Kurt Cobain. Except here comes the amazing part of this story. More »

Courtney Love: ‘Dave Grohl Banged Frances Bean Because He’s Sexually Obsessed With Kurt Cobain’

If Courtney Love hasn’t fully alienated herself from her daughter Frances Bean, this should probably do it. In a new Twitter rant, screencapped by Gawker and well worth a click, Courtney blatantly accuses Dave Grohl of not only trying to bang Frances Bean but also doing so because he’s “sexually obsessed” with Kurt Cobain:
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UPDATE: Courtney Love: ‘Guitar Hero raped Kurt Cobain’

Courtney Love is threatening to sue Activision over Kurt Cobain being an unlockable character in Guitar Hero 5 and took to her Twitter page to scream bloody murder. Of course this was probably to save her own ass because, surprise! Guess who signed the agreement and the back of the check. TMZ reports:

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