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This Arnold Schwarzenegger Christmas Party Video Will Melt Your Goddamn Mind

Above is a vintage, and from henceforth classic, Arnold Schwarzenegger video from some sort of ill-advised Christmas party where he literally tells a room full of children that in Austria, instead of Santa, the fucking DEVIL appears in your room at night and tells you everything you did wrong while swinging chains at you. He… More »

Danny DeVito Was Cheating On Rhea Perlman? Okay, I Can See It

Because they’re the only mole people who can survive above the surface besides Jordan Bratman so no one else will want to have sex with them, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman were practically made for each other which made news of their divorce so devastating yesterday. Except it turns out Danny was constantly nailing chicks… More »

Danny DeVito Got a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Posted by Photo Boy

Danny DeVito has only gotten his own post once before and that was for being shit-hammered on live TV. Since we’re firm believers in one good turn deserves another (and yes, I’m absolutely positive I’m using that idiom incorrectly), here’s Danny getting honored with a star on the Hollywood… More »

Danny DeVito is an adorable drunk

Here’s Danny DeVito drunk off his ass during a morning show interview on the set of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I don’t know why I’m posting this besides the fact I respect a man who gets drunk at 8 a.m. and looks ready to shove his midget head up a reporter’s… More »