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Danielle Lloyd proves the British have true grasp on meaning of Christmas

Anyone else think Former Miss Britain Danielle Lloyd has the face of a retarded Drew Barrymore? Redundant, I know, and also a trick question. Danielle Lloyd doesn’t even have a face. Ha! Can’t believe you fell for that.

Photos: The Sun
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Danielle Lloyd appreciates the ancient art of breasts and ale

Former Miss England 2004 and British glamour model Danielle Lloyd stopped by Mansion night club in Ireland Saturday night where she displayed my two favorite things in the world. She also drank Guinness. (Hi-YO!) Why can’t more American celebrities dress all cleavagey while brandishing a frosty ale? That’s just downright patriotic! You see, kids, after… More »

Danielle Lloyd launches things

Former Miss England Danielle Lloyd launched her new modeling agency Irresistible Talent today in London. I don’t really have much more information than that except for BOOBS. It’s like your knee deep in comprehensive coverage, isn’t it? I know.

Photos Splash News, WENN
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Danielle Lloyd launches things

English lingerie model Danielle Lloyd braved the cold to launch the new Ski Republic website yesterday in London. Whoever devised this campaign deserves the Nobel Prize – twice. Now, that being said, I catch a lot of flack for posting pics of bleached blondes with fake breasts, but, honestly, how else do you… More »