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Daniel Radcliffe Was Not Masturbating All Over Hogwarts, Calm Down

Hey, perverts, Daniel Radcliffe was only thinking about masturbating on the set of Harry Potter all day. He never actually did it. Gawd! More »

Newsicus Harry Pottercus! (I’ll Go Shoot Myself In The Face Now)

“Please, Lady Rowling, no more books to make movies out of. Please. The cages, they burn.”
“I’m trying, children, I’m trying. They have ways…”

In case you haven’t figured out by the quiet, nerdy girl in your office suddenly growing alive with passion and screaming, “Yeah. FUCK YEAH!” while sending her foot… More »

Harry Potter Wants To Bang Ryan Gosling Now

Apparently Daniel Radcliffe really wants to make sure he’s no longer remembered as the sweet boy-wizard beloved the world over, but instead as a pubic-hair loving alcoholic who thinks his movies are better than Scorsese now because have you heard? Daniel Radcliffe drinks and likes pubes. Recognize. On that note, here he is fantasizing about… More »

Harry Potter Says ’70s Bush or GTFO’

“I choose PUBENDOR!!!!”

While you and your children were enjoying the magical wizardry and adventure of the Harry Potter movies, Daniel Radcliffe was thinking the whole time about how much he loves having tons of pubes and then pressing said pubes into a woman also lush with pubery. So basically you can’t buy… More »

Daniel Radcliffe caught practicing herbal magic

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is denying he’s smoking a joint on the cover of a British tabloid that ran today, according to the Daily Mail:

A spokeswoman for Radcliffe said: ‘Daniel does smoke the occasional roll-up cigarette, but he was not doing anything more than this.’
The accusation came as shock to… More »

Channing Tatum in GQ and other news

- Tony Romo ditched Jessica Simpson because John Mayer was still texting her. Unless John Mayer was slicing off Tony’s hands before they touched Jessica breasts, he might have overreacted a bit. [Lainey Gossip]

- Megan Fox is pursuing Rain while using Brian Austin Green’s penis as a safety net which, let’s be… More »

Reese Witherspoon is sporty

- Reese Witherspoon training to be a softball player. Think of her as your butch gym teacher that you wouldn’t mind see kiss a girl. [ICYDK]

- Ryan Phillippe wears a wifebeater and takes his daughter Ava out for a bagel. Thnk of him as your butch gym teach- Wait, I already used that… More »

Zac Efron might do naked stuff

This one’s for you, ladies (and The Geekologie Writer):

Zac Efron of High School Musical fame is eyeing up the controversial role in Equus that’s currently played by Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe. Daniel was looking to shed his child star image and took the part which requires a full-frontal nude scene with a… More »

Daniel Radcliffe shows off his wang

Remember those promo shots for Equus and that shot of Daniel Radcliffe’s bare ass? If you thought to yourself, “Hey, I really wish I was on the other side of that photo” then you’re in luck. I’d never thought I’d ever be saying this, but here’s a super NSFW full frontal shot… More »