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There’s A Naked Statue of Kim Kardashian Pregnant

After attempting to blight the eyes of God with such creations as The Underage Armadillo Gang-Bang Will Be Televised and Hey, Remember Looney Tunes? I Turned Them Into Justin Bieber’s Dick, here’s Daniel Edwards’ latest artistic endeavor which is, at last, his true golden calf, and I’m specifically saying that because it’s a naked statue… More »

Of Course There’s a Topless Amy Winehouse Memorial Statue

Taking time off from such groundbreaking works as “Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez’s Love is a Goose Dick Inside an Armadillo” and “Maple Bieber Wiener: A Looney Tunes Retrospective,” artist Daniel Edwards has now drawn up plans for a Amy Winehouse bust at the behest of some British people he met on Facebook. (Read: Voices… More »

This is Justin Bieber’s Penis. No, Really.

From the mind who brought you Jelena: Our Love is Like a Goose Fucking an Armadillo comes Allegory of a Teen Sex Symbol, a bronze statue representing Justin Bieber’s penis if Justin Bieber’s penis was made out of Looney Tunes characters. So basically lifelike. This statue is lifelike. Via Splash News:

“Daniel wanted… More »

Someone Made a Nude Statue of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

So, remember in the Old Testament when God got all pissed off about people building golden idols and worshiping them? I’m sure this is nothing like that. Via Splash News:

US artist Daniel Edwards has unveiled this nude portrait of pop stars Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez. It depicts the teenagers almostMore »

Angelina Jolie on the can, double breastfeeding

Here’s a nude sculpture of Angelina Jolie titled “Landmark For Breastfeeding” by New York based artist Daniel Edwards. It’s scheduled to be displayed in Oklahoma which sounds like a great idea. Because there’s nothing the Midwest loves more than activist celebrities. And art.

Then again, she is barefoot and breastfeeding.

Photos:… More »