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The 2014 Billboard Music Awards

Everyone that’s anyone (Read: Blake Lively’s breasts) is at Cannes right now, but then again, timing isn’t exactly this year’s Billboard Music Awards’ strong suit. So here’s some barely interesting people on the red carpet who didn’t get their own post by surprisingly not having semen on them which is probably the greatest compliment I’ll… More »

That’s Winnie Cooper’s Butt

Considering I spent my entire morning obsessing over The Avengers 2 concept art, the least I can do is actually practice some real journalism, so here’s Danica McKellar’s ass in booty shorts. And before anyone asks what does this have to do with the world we live in? Maybe Winnie Cooper’s butt has a theory… More »

Avril Lavigne & Winnie Cooper Are Making Out

A few weeks ago we posted pics of Danica McKellar on the set of Avril Lavigne’s video for “Rock N Roll” which you can watch above and apparently features the two of them making out in a car. I’m sure there’s some other stuff in it, but that would require me to watch an Avril… More »

There Has Not Been Enough Attention Paid To Winnie Cooper’s Ass And That Is A Crime

Here’s Winnie Cooper, or Danica McKellar, whatever that means, on the set of Avril Lavigne’s new video yesterday because apparently that’s what she does now that she’s a divorcee along with dressing up in Princess Leia’s Bounty Hunter disguise because she’s an angel. An honest-to-God angel. *resumes welding angel-size birdcage* What’s more romantic: newspaper or… More »

Winnie Cooper is Single

Winnie Cooper’s husband Mike Verta looks like this while she’s a super-hot 35-year-old who’s also into voicing comic book and video game characters and probably tastes like strawberries, so you’ll be surprised to learn he couldn’t hold on to her because a woman like this requires the soft, delicate touch of a man who’s seen… More »

Winnie Cooper found! Writing books under the name ‘Danica McKellar’ (Sure. Why not?)

Ah, Winnie Cooper, my first love. All those summer days spent swimming, throwing rocks at hippies and participating in other activities that beat you over the head that it’s the 60’s. But those times were never meant to last. Like most young loves, ours’ was doomed from the start. Almost as stinging as learning PaulMore »