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Miley Cyrus Will F*ck Anything But Dane Cook

Miley Cyrus isn’t banging Dane Cook. Cancel the nuclear strike. More »

Dane Cook Apologizes For Aurora Shooting Joke

In my zeal to spout off about the frustrating and continuing trend in taking comedy club bits out of context and drumming them up for controversy, I never once stopped to consider that maybe Dane Cook purposefully made a joke about The Dark Knight Rises shooting knowing that’s exactly how it would play out. Because… More »

Dane Cook Joked About The Colorado Shooting. Goddammit…

If you thought anyone learned a thing from the Daniel Tosh and Tracy Morgan incidents, clearly you’ve underestimated the media’s reluctance to let go of these taken completely out of context comedy jokes stories. So I hope everyone’s ready to be constantly forwarded an 8,000 word Lindy West essay on how to tell a shooting… More »

Olivia Munn is dead to me

Dane Cook posted a picture of himself with Olivia Munn at the Super Bowl yesterday and there’s no way these two aren’t fucking. If you’re dumb enough to be photographed with Dane Cook at the start of your acting career, you’re dumb enough to think his penis will make Chris Pine walk you down… More »

Dane Cook’s brother/manager arrested for stealing $3 mil from comic

While Dane Cook’s been busy stealing other people’s jokes, his own brother has been stealing from him, according to TMZ:

Darryl McCauley — who was in charge of Cook’s financial affairs since the 90s — was arrested today by the Massachusetts State Police and charged with three counts of larceny and forgery.
Authorities say… More »

Dane Cook voted ‘The Unfunniest Comic’ in Boston

Dane Cook was crowned “The Unfunniest Comic” yesterday in his hometown of Boston. On a radio contest, he beat out stiff competition which included Jay Leno, Carlos Mencia, Paula Poundstone and Jeff Foxworthy. One could say he put “the kibosh” on them. Eh? I feel so dirty. Page Six reports:

“We were talking about… More »

Tony Romo meets Jessica Simpson’s exes

Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback and Jessica Simpson’s current boyfriend Tony Romo got to spend the evening with her exes last night. Tony was recognized at Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Male of the Year awards – along with John Mayer and Dane Cook. That’s awkward with a side of douche. Here’s what Tony remarked to E! News:

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