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Brooke Hogan Got Engaged

Just like I forgot Jessica Simpson was pregnant, I completely forgot Hulk Hogan has a son out there who looks exactly like his wife. (Do you know how many celebrities are out there? Probably 10.) A son who’s apparently been dating Phil Costa of the Dallas Cowboys because the two just got engaged over the… More »

I Wonder How Jessica Simpson Will React to Tony Romo’s Wedding…

The Timeline:

May 28, 2011Tony Romo marries Candice Crawford in Dallas, TX. Three-tier cupcake stands are involved.
May 29, 2011People magazine announces the wedding.
May 31, 2011Jessica Simpson turns up at Chili’s.

Jesus, it’s like clockwork. If I were Swiss, I’d have a… More »

Tony Romo Got Engaged

“Take me to butter. And step on it.”

While news of an engagement was falsely reported a year ago in what I can only assume was an effort to inflate Rocky Road futures, Tony Romo officially proposed to his girlfriend Candice Crawford yesterday, according to Us Magazine:

Dating since September 2009,… More »

Wade Phillips Fired From Dallas Cowboys

“It’s not you, it’s us.” — Actually, that might not be far off.

After an hilarious (to me) string of defeats, including one where Tony Romo shattered a collar bone, Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips was fired today to the surprise of absolutely no one who watched the Green Bay Packers win… More »

So That’s Why Tony Romo’s So Brittle…

I’m from Texas, I like everything fried, which is the really unfortunate thing. My relationship with food? I want it when I’m sad. When I’m happy, I don’t think much about it. But I do like to go out on a date for a good dining experience. It’s important not to say, ‘I can’t have… More »