Daft Punk

Taylor Swift Thought She Won Album of The Year,
She Didn’t

Taylor Swift, who, again, looked way more awesome at Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy party, was up for Album of the Year at last night’s Grammys and had the joy of finding out what happens when two competing albums start with the same letter because here she is starting to lose her shit as Alicia Keys starts… More »

That Stephen Colbert/Daft Punk Fiasco Was Probably Staged To Promote The VMAs

Yesterday, you couldn’t spit without hitting someone sharing Stephen Colbert’s epic Tuesday night takedown of Viacom after MTV supposedly caused Daft Punk to cancel a Colbert Report appearance hours before taping. Which seemed awesome at the time, and God knows I was sitting there chortling into my arugula gypsum tea between Karl Marx essays, except… More »