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Madonna & A-Rod start ‘No Married People Club,’ Gwyneth Paltrow invited to join

After word got out that Alex “A-Rod” Rodriquez was bailing on his kids to eat turkey with Madonna, he denied the reports and took his ex-wife Cynthia and their daughters out to eat Tuesday night right in front of the paparazzi (above). Ultimately, A-Rod did eat Thanksgiving dinner with his family in Miami, but then… More »

A-Rod ditches his kids for Madonna on Thanksgiving

Usually, after leaving your wife in a highly-publicized divorce, it’s important to let your kids know you still love them. Especially around the holidays. Or you can go the A-Rod route and totally bail on them to eat turkey with your Cryptkeeper mistress. Father of the Year, folks. Page Six reports:

The Yankee slugger,… More »

A-Rod and wife settle divorce

Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez has reached a private divorce settlement with his wife Cynthia. Their marriage publicly fell apart when it was discovered that A-Rod loves banging strippers and the occasional mummy. Cynthia was looking for a huge chunk of change to maintain the “high standard of living” she’s accustomed to, but unfortunately for… More »

A-Rod to Cynthia Rodriguez: Remember that prenup you signed…

New York Yankee Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez’s lawyers responded to Cynthia Rodriguez’s divorce petition today. Cynthia was asking for “the couple’s $12 million waterfront estate and ‘equitable distribution’ of all assets acquired during the marriage.” Except she signed a prenup which A-Rod is sticking to. He’s also pushing to have allegations of extramarital affairs… More »

A-Rod ‘emotionally abused’ by wife, says his friends and other people who now have season tickets for the Yanks

There’s been a lot of finger pointing at Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez’s extramarital activities (possibly in or around Madonna’s vagina) as the cause of his divorce. But guess again! According to his close friends, it was all Cynthia’s fault. GASP! NY Daily News reports:

“He’s had several therapists. Cynthia has a master’s degree… More »

A-Rod’s stripper mistress comes forward – to support Cynthia (Ha ha!)

One of A-Rod’s stripper mistresses, Candace Houlihan of Boston (above), has come forward with her story about sleeping with the Yankee and supports Cynthia Rodriguez’s decision to kick him to the curb. The Boston Herald reports:

On A-Rod’s divorce:
“A leopard doesn’t change his spots. Good for her, I think she’s doing the smart… More »

Lenny Kravitz pissed he got dragged into A-Rod fiasco

Lenny Kravitz is pissed that he ended up tied into A-Rod’s divorce and blames his ex-manager Guy Oseary. Guy manages Madonna and A-Rod and was fired by Lenny two weeks ago when he learned Guy had a publicity stunt cooked up, according to Page Six:

Romero called Kravitz two weeks ago to… More »

A-Rod’s wife blew $100G before filing for divorce

Cynthia Rodriguez decided a simple financially-crippling divorce wasn’t enough to pay A-Rod back for spelunking Madonna’s dusty tomb. So, last week Cynthia took off to Paris and dropped a hundred grand on his credit cards then started spreading rumors she was nailing Lenny Kravitz, according to NY Daily News:

“She’s been spending wildly,” the… More »

Madonna: ‘I’m not getting a divorce like that sucker A-Rod’ (BURN!)

While A-Rod’s marriage falls apart, Madonna decided it’d be a good time to issue a statement to People letting everyone know she’s going to stick with Guy Ritchie. She also apparently decided it’d be a good time to look like the bad guy from Hellboy II. I have no idea:

My husband and I… More »

A-Rod’s wife files for divorce, blames Madonna

Cynthia Rodriquez, wife of New York Yankee Alex “A-Rod” Rodriquez, has already decided that separation is for pussies and is filing for divorce. She also wants alimony and primary custody of the children which should be fun considering she signed a pre-nup. Whoops. Her attorney Maurice Kutner broke the news to the Miami Herald:

More »

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