Cuba Gooding Jr.


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Cuba Gooding Jr. Lifted up Sarah Paulson’s Dress on Stage and Everyone Is Pissed

Bad news for anyone who has a bunch of Daddy Day Care or Snow Dogs movie memorabilia, Cuba’s stock just went wayyyy downn. More »

Cuba Gooding Jr. Said Tom Cruise Had Work Done

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Thinks O.J. Simpson Is Innocent Now

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Night Went Well

In case you missed it, just as Ben Affleck finished wrapping up the 20th Annual SAG Awards Saturday night, Cuba Gooding Jr. ran onstage and Kanye’d the shit out of him by yelling “Happy MLK Weekend!” right into the microphone. Which actually makes sense once you see the above pic of how he started his… More »

Cuba Gooding Jr. saves lives

Cuba Gooding Jr. is being called a hero for saving a shooting victim’s life last week. Cuba was waiting in front of a restaurant when a kid who was bleeding from the neck collapsed in front of him. Cuba cradled him in his arms and hailed down a police car. Gatecrasher reports:

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