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Frances Bean Married A Dude Who Looks Just Like Kurt Cobain

Courtney Love Shot Down Russell Brand

In the past, Courtney Love has claimed that Gavin Rossdale slept with her while he was with Gwen Stefani, and that Dave Grohl banged Frances Bean because he was obsessed with Kurt Cobain. Also, she’s Courtney Love which in hindsight was all the background you needed here. Apologies. Via Starpulse:

The 49-year-old rocker… More »

UPDATE: Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Just Got Reopened

After recently developing 35 mm film that was forgotten for almost 20 years in an evidence locker, Seattle police have reopened the investigation into Kurt Cobain’s death, according to KIRO. Except let me save everybody a whole bunch of time and energy: It was Courtney Love. Courtney Love did it. Why do you think she’s… More »

Courtney Love Sued For Acting Like Courtney Love

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When we last heard from Courtney Love, she was holding an art show of her work that included a wedding gown embroidered with the phrase “fuck me.” So it probably won’t come as a shock to anyone that she’s now being sued by her former assistant for the closest… More »

Courtney Love Had a Batsh*t Art Show, Will No Longer Profit From Kurt Cobain

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It’s probably no great feat for a 19-year-old to outwit their insane, drug addict mother (heroin-crumb trail into a cage works everytime), but Frances Bean Cobain did exactly that by getting Courtney Love to release control of Kurt Cobain’s publishing rights in exchange for a 2.75 million dollar loan. More »

Courtney Love Apologizes To Frances Bean For Saying She Banged Dave Grohl

“Lousy gummint always tryin’ to steal my baby. Stop touchin’ me, Obama!”

Last week, heroin told Courtney Love it’d be an awesome idea to go on Twitter and accuse Dave Grohl of banging Frances Bean because he’s always been “sexually obsessed” with Kurt Cobain. Except here comes the amazing part of this story. More »

Courtney Love: ‘Dave Grohl Banged Frances Bean Because He’s Sexually Obsessed With Kurt Cobain’

If Courtney Love hasn’t fully alienated herself from her daughter Frances Bean, this should probably do it. In a new Twitter rant, screencapped by Gawker and well worth a click, Courtney blatantly accuses Dave Grohl of not only trying to bang Frances Bean but also doing so because he’s “sexually obsessed” with Kurt Cobain:
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Courtney Love, On The Other Hand, Probably Could’ve Stopped 9/11

While Mark Wahlberg openly asserts he’s tougher than the 250+ people who died crashing into the World Trade Center because obviously they were a bunch of faggots, here’s Courtney Love demonstrating how you really fight terrorism: With more terrorism. A. Nobody’s giving that a patdown. B. You don’t see that at the gate and not… More »

2012 Is The Year The World Ends

We’re all gonna die:

getting the best advise for the new years from a true friend, love you @GwynethPaltrow @Goop xoxo

Die right in the face.

Photo: TwitterMore »

Courtney Love Is Lindsay Lohan’s Sober Coach

If you’re wondering how Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety is going, terrible. It’s going fucking terrible. Probably the worst you could possibly think of it going. Via Independent Woman:

Courtney Love has claimed she is Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety coach.
… “I’ve taken up Lohan because nobody else will. She’s further down the line than… More »

Courtney Love Performed Topless. Great.

Because profusely bleeding from the retina wakes up you faster than a cup of coffee, here’s Courtney Love performing in Brazil over the weekend where she decided to go completely topless sending a clear message that they should never try emigrating to the U.S. “Hey, how do you say ghost tits in Portuguese? Mamas fantasmas? More »

Courtney Love Talks About Killing Kurt Cobain

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That headline was a cheap lure, I know, but it’s actually not far from the crazy that Courtney Love decided to spew out to Vanity Fair. In an effort to give kids a better understanding of what drugs do to your brain than the fried egg analogy, or really… More »

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