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Amanda Bynes Was Never Homeless, Let’s Stop Believing Her Shit

After being photographed sleeping inside a mall, it’s just been assumed that Amanda Bynes is homeless because her parents have a conservatorship over her finances. Plus Heidi Montag’s huge cartoon tits offered her a place to stay, and it seemed like a good idea to believe them and give them my social security number. Anyway,… More »

Amanda Bynes’ Parents: ‘Fuck It, We’re Moving To Texas’

With a conservatorship over her finances secured by a judge, Amanda Bynes’ parents’ plan was to slowly give her small amounts of money in hopes that she’d eventually hit rock-bottom and get the help she obviously needs. Except waiting games eat bushels of dick, so they’re punting the whole thing over to a mental health… More »

Everything With Amanda Bynes Is Still Awful

For those of you who need a constant update on how Amanda Bynes’ life is specifically falling through the cracks of our failed mental health system, according to TMZ, she’s currently living off of $50 to $100 AmEx gift cards doled out by her parents who secured a conservatorship over her finances. Apparently their plan… More »

Amanda Bynes Deemed ‘Gravely Disabled,’ Parents Granted Temporary Conservatorship

So remember the other day when I posted that Amanda Bynes is getting better? Haha! No. Not at all. None of that is happening. TMZ reports:

As we first reported … Amanda was not in court, because doctors at the psychiatric hospital got a 1-month extension on her psych hold … because she’s… More »

Amanda Bynes’ Parents Are Very Concerned About Her Money. And Her, And Her.

Despite a judge extending her 5150 hold for two weeks so she doesn’t fill another Super Soaker with gasoline and set more elderly women’s driveways on fire, Amanda Bynes’ parents were not able to get a temporary conservatorship over her (money) on Friday. Probably because they seemed to be very concerned on the amount of… More »

Britney Spears’ Fiance Is Now Her Conservator Because That’s Not At All Messed Up


Back in January, Britney Spears’s dad was rumored to be ending her conservatorship as a wedding gift which seemed like the best possible way to make this whole situation not look like he literally sold her to Jason Trawick. Except we’re talking about a family who has… More »

Britney Spears ‘Mentally Incapable’ of Testifying in Court

And welcome to the exact moment she realized this wasn’t a McDonald’s and was tricked into dressin’ all fancy again.

Remember Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears former “manager” who consistently drugged her when he wasn’t threatening to piss on the graves of his enemies? Turns out his lawsuit against Britney and her parents is… More »

Britney Spears Looks Sane to Me

With talk of Britney Spears’ conservatorship coming to an end it only makes sense her dad would start letting her dress herself to ease the transition. Or she pulled a gun and demanded to “look sexy for once, y’all” before running out the door if you want to be a pessimist about it. Personally, I’m… More »

Britney Spears’ Conservatorship is Ending. For Real This Time. (Maybe.)

Seen here demonstrating what happens when someone forgets to padlock the markers, Britney Spears met with the judge overseeing her conservatorship Thursday morning who is considering setting her free in three months even though the same exact thing was said over a year ago. RadarOnline reports:

“Judge Goetz needed to meet with Britney… More »

Dina Lohan Wants Conservatorship Over Lindsay

Despite the fact he pursued one himself back in April, Michael Lohan is freaking out that Dina might succeed in putting Lindsay under a conservatorship while she goes into rehab. That’s his hard-earned money that somebody else earned! RadarOnline reports:

Michael said he’s aware that Dina and Taylor are making the move behind-the-scenes,… More »

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