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Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Broke Up Already

Taylor Swift bought a house right next door to the Kennedys after only dating 18-year-old Conor for the summer, so you’ll probably be surprised to learn that ended with him immediately dumping her as soon as he started his senior year of high school (Yup.) and remembered, “Oh, right, there are chicks who’ll have sex… More »

Taylor Swift Thinks Wearing A Vintage Bikini Will Impress The Kennedys

TAYLOR: Why do I have to keep wearing these old-timey bathing suits every time we swim?
CONOR: My dad says it’s in case I kill you we can just say we found one of Uncle Ted’s old girlfriends from the 60s frozen in an inbox.
TAYLOR: What?!
CONOR: I mean, pretty! You… More »