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Bill Clinton Is ‘Still Dicking Bimbos’ According To Colin Powell’s Emails

This will probably come as a shock to you. I didn’t believe it either. (I did.) More »

Clint Eastwood Yells At Cloud

Clint Eastwood is tired of our “pussy generation” making a big hoodoo over racism. He likes squirrels though. More »

Clint Eastwood: ‘American Sniper’ Is Anti-War

Clint Eastwood says both he and ‘American Sniper’ are anti-war. Just listen. Listen to sound of panties bunching… More »

Clint Eastwood Was At Coachella. Wait, What?

Francesca Eastwood is really trying to make a name for herself in Hollywood, and what better way to do that than to drag poor Clint Eastwood to Coachella where he’ll not only stick out like a sore thumb, but God willing, spend the whole time talking like his character from Gran Torino. “Bleh. Nuthin’ but… More »

Angelina Jolie leaving Brad Pitt for Clint Eastwood (I’m calling it.)

Angelina Jolie went stealth last night and made a surprise appearance at the Hollywood Film Fest to present Clint Eastwood with the Director of the Year award. The crowd literally gasped when Angelina took the stage. She then bolted immediately afterward like some sort of sexy ninja award-giver. Us Magazine reports:

“There are some… More »

Clint Eastwood hearts Sarah Palin

I’ve been posting about celebrities who want Sarah Palin to get feline AIDS, so it’s only fair I talk about the ones who support the governor of Alaska. In this case, legendary actor/director and self-described libertarian Clint Eastwood shared his thoughts on the recent vice-presidential debate. Page Six reports:

One of the candidates the… More »