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Christiane Plante: Hulk’s mistress revealed

This is a photo of Christiane Plante who used to be the 33-year-old friend of Brooke Hogan until she kind of, sort of had sex with the Hulk. The shot is supposedly from her MySpace page which is no longer in existence. I guess she’s trying to let potential suitors know that yes, she doe…

The Superficial / March 12, 2008

Brooke Hogan’s friend slept with Hulk

Apparently Brooke Hogan’s friend Christiane Plante slept with Hulk Hogan while he was separated from Linda. Christiane came clean to the National Enquirer – for a chunk of change. Brooke is none too happy about it and vented her feelings on her MySpace blog, according to Page Six:
“I think she shoulda thought about what…

The Superficial / March 11, 2008