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Here’s A Bunch of White People Chris Rock Made Fun of At The Oscars

Chris Rock’s opening monologue and a bunch of (mostly) white people in fancy dresses are all you need to know about the Oscars. Just that. More »

Bill Cosby Accuser Sues Him For Defamation

“Haha! People like me more than you now. Kinda.”

As the media’s fickle attention turns to quick and easy thrills like the leaked Sony emails, who Robert Pattinson is fucking, and Ariana Grande being carried around like a baby (Wait. Those are links to my site. Goddammit.), reports on Bill Cosby’s serial rapeMore »

Chris Rock Unloads On Racism In Hollywood

And fuck it, we’re talking about racism again. Only this time it’s not about the police giving “thugs” what they “deserve,” but the quiet, institutional racism of Hollywood that Chris Rock calls out in a new essay for The Hollywood Reporter where he not only talks about helping black comedians like Leslie Jones catch a… More »

Bill Cosby Resigns From Temple Board of Trustees

When we last left Bill Cosby, even his biographer was throwing him under the bus and launching his own investigation into the rapidly growing list of accusers and accomplices who have come forward. Since then, UMass – where Cosby scored his sham education degree – and the Berklee College of Music have severed their affiliations,… More »

Everybody Hates Chris Rock’s SNL Monologue (Ha! Get It? Like The Show)

Chris Rock hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend and during his monologue, he told some jokes about 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombing which is almost completely unheard of for a comedian. My socks flew right off my feet, I was so shocked. And apparently so was the Internet even though Chris Rock said… More »

Chris Rock Won The BET Awards

I absolutely hate awards shows because the last thing celebrities need is more sunshine to the anus, so I treat each and every one with the same amount of disdain by blowing through them as quickly as possible. So here’s Chris Rock’s monologue at last night’s BET Awards which kicked off an evening of trashing… More »

Kris Jenner Put A Hit On Rob Kardashian

Seen here leaving the gym with those nachos he likes yesterday, Rob Kardashian has no idea he’s about to get The Lamar Odom Treatment because here’s TMZ with a report – complete with pictures – of him using sizzurp and in desperate need of rehab which I’m sure has nothing to do with him bailingMore »

Chris Rock Gave A Make-A-Wish Kid A Copy of The Pamela Anderson Sex Tape

I feel pretty confident saying that I will probably never post anything as epic and amazing as this anecdote Chris Rock told Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. In fact, I’ll go so far to say it completely redeems him for Grown Ups AND Grown Ups 2. That’s right I went there. Transcribed… More »

Rihanna Didn’t Think People Would Criticize Her Working With Chris Brown

Despite the fact Chris Brown thanked her for her time by calling her a “bitch” that everyone’s “done had” (No, really.), here’s Rihanna in Esquire UK defending working with him again and still not getting why everyone thought it was a fucking horrible idea that would blow up in her face like it did. Via… More »

Hollywood to Tracy Morgan: ‘Stick to Sexist Jokes About Women Giving Head’

“Okay, but first, I’m gonna stab this little motherfucker for wearing nail polish to a Knicks game. You in my house, Adam Lambert!”

Friday morning, news broke that Tracy Morgan made some violent, homophobic comments during his stand-up act that become an instant scandal because apparently we’re considering comedy clubs churches now and… More »

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