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Chris Hansen’s Coming Back, Everybody Off The Internet!

Chris Hansen wants us fund his new show that’s exactly like the one that ended in a suicide, lawsuits, and the destruction of his marriage. I’m in. More »

Kylie Jenner is 13. THIR. TEEN.

Here’s Kylie Jenner prancing around Calabasas on Sunday which we decided to use as a subtle reminder to everyone of exactly how old she is. Now, some might say we only made these pictures sexier, but that voice in my head doesn’t get to write the site. It does, however, get to pretend it’s a… More »

Chris Hansen Caught Cheating on Hidden Camera With Woman Half His Age

To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen apparently told 30-year-old WPTV reporter Kristyn Caddell, who’s not his wife, to take a seat right over on his penis only to get caught by undercover cameras from the National Enquirer, according to TVSpy:

Hansen and Caddell were introduced in the VIP area of a West… More »