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Hide Your Ovaries: Chris Pratt & Evans Visited Another Children’s Hospital

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans visited Seattle Children's Hospital while Thor hosted 'Saturday Night Live' because Marvel owns everything now. Your mortgage means nothing.
By: The Superficial / March 9, 2015

Chris Pratt & Chris Evans Visit Children’s Hospital, Make Good On Super Bowl Bet

As part of their Super Bowl bet, both Chris Pratt and Chris Evans visited Christopher Haven's children's hospital in Boston today which was an awesome thing to do.
By: The Superficial / February 6, 2015

Comic-Con: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ And Oh Yeah, ‘Ant-Man,’ I Guess

Considering they have no less than 20 movies coming out at a time, Marvel gets the prime time-slot in Comic-Con's Hall H where this year they wheeled out the entire cast of The Avengers: Age of Ultron - minus pregnant ScarJo - after an awkwardly brief…
By: The Superficial / July 28, 2014

Goddamn, I Need A Nerd-Cigarette: A Review of ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

For the past few weeks, the advance word on Captain America: The Winter Soldier is that it's as good as The Avengers if not the best Marvel movie to date. It even made curmudgeony ol' fusspot Jeff Wells' heart grow three sizes as it should have because…
By: The Superficial / April 4, 2014

Scarlett Johansson’s Breasts Are Getting Larger By The Minute

Remember the other day when Scarlett Johansson defended Woody Allen? Yeah, me neither. *slaps face against monitor* (Hold my calls.) Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN…
By: The Superficial / March 21, 2014

‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Has A Trailer

While the iTunes version continues to shit itself (Seriously, Marvel, you have a trillion Avengers money. C'mon.), here's the official UK trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier which looks like everything the first movie should've been right down to mining the shit out of…
By: The Superficial / October 24, 2013

Hey, It’s That Winter Soldier Captain America’s Always Going On About

It got a little heavy around here, so let's geek out for a minute at these latest set photos from Captain America: The Winter Soldier where we actually get to see the Winter Soldier who's Bucky if you didn't know that already. Which hopefully Marvel was banking on being a huge spoiler considering how…
By: The Superficial / June 5, 2013

Captain America Is Gonna Move Some Steroids

A little over two weeks ago, Chris Evans looked like this while attending a GLAAD event with his gay brother Scott. And now here he is on the set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier yesterday looking fucking gigantic, so let's keep pushing that message to the kids: "Hey, Captain America, how'd…
By: The Superficial / May 15, 2013

WEEKEND NERDIOR: Marvel Phase Two Edition

And now for the part of the week where I snuff out what tiny chance this site gives me of getting laid by rambling on about comics, video games and/or my deep concern about who's wearing green booty shorts next to Batman. I probably should've named this column "Dust Penis," but after months staring at…
By: The Superficial / April 7, 2013

If It Was Punchable, The Hulk Punched It:
A Review of ‘The Avengers’

"Seriously, guys, tell me that flying boat ride wasn't awesome. It even had a pirate with an eye patch! A black pirate, but that's okay 'cause this is the future." So last summer, I decided to spice things up because, frankly, you used to be way freakier before we moved in together. This resulted i…
By: The Superficial / May 7, 2012

‘The Avengers’ Has A Trailer

Whoever owns the rights to The Avengers now - I'm going with Scrooge McDuck. - has just released the official trailer that hits pretty much all the bases you expect it to hit along with some Nine Inch Nails music because apparently kids love nails three inches shy of a foot. Can't get enough…
By: The Superficial / October 11, 2011

The Superficial Presents: ‘The Avengers,’ A Tale of Dumb Face and Peppercorn

It's been a long, long time since I've done a caption gallery this large. In fact, it's been so many years that the old ones didn't even survive the migration from Movable Type to WordPress, essentially flushing hours upon hours of my life down the Internet toilet. Ahahahaha! *cries curled up in the shower for…
By: The Superficial / September 8, 2011

Here’s Captain America’s New Costume in Broad Daylight, Of Course

I don't know what the hell is going on this summer, but apparently every single movie is shooting directly in front of the paparazzi because now here's Chris Evans in his new Captain America costume on the Cleveland set of The Avengers. I say new because for those of you who…
By: The Superficial / August 16, 2011

Cockblocked By War: A Review of ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’

"Oh, so now you're accusing me of stealing your topless scenes. Where do you get off?" Gabe from Videogum wrote a pitch-perfect opening for his review of X-Men: First Class that now, even more than it did for that movie, says exactly how I felt about Captain America after the credit…
By: The Superficial / July 23, 2011

‘Captain America’ Had a Premiere

Captain America, or Captain America: The First Avenger, as absolutely no one is calling it, had its Los Angeles premiere last night and has already won over curmudgeony film critic Jeff Wells who openly dreams of "strafing fanboys" at Comic-Con. So, until I get my review u…
By: The Superficial / July 20, 2011

Captain America is Going Bald

And apparently getting ready for the Top Gun remake. "I'm here for the gay volleyball." For some reason Chris Evans felt that a month before his massive summer blockbuster premieres would be a great time to tell E!'s Marc Malkin he's going bald just in case enough people…
By: The Superficial / June 8, 2011

So, Here’s Captain America in ‘The Avengers.’ He Likes Old Navy Tees.

Here's Chris Evans on Saturday shooting scenes in modern-day Times Square for apparently both the ending of Captain America and the beginning of The Avengers. Although, considering Marvel was still cramming cameos into Thor with barely a month to go before its release, these…
By: The Superficial / April 25, 2011

Ashley Greene is Banging Captain America

And she's even wearing the "A." Fantastic. Ashley Greene continues to enjoy her return to vaginal penetration after leaving Joe Jonas and has apparently steered her drunken bang-bus toward Captain America himself, Chris Evans, according to People: But Chris Evans, who stars a…
By: The Superficial / March 25, 2011

First Look: Chris Evans as Captain America. Now With More Helmet.

You guys wanted more bulge. I got you more bulge. There have been various images of Chris Evans as Captain America on this net that so intertwines us. First, we had a burrito-stuffed stunt double, so that didn't really count. Then, Captain America: Old Navy Capri…
By: The Superficial / January 14, 2011

Captain America is Not Charlie Sheen And Other News

Click Here for Full Size Version - Chris Evans talks Captain America. [Entertainment Weekly] - Hey, look at that. Capri Anderson is naked. [Egotastic] - Roger Sterling's book is actually a book. SOLD. [Popeater] - Justin Bieber is just that beautiful. […
By: The Superficial / October 28, 2010
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