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Miley Cyrus In A Bikini? How Quaint

Before she became a constantly naked twerking labia monster (who went through a brief nipple phase), bikini pics of Miley Cyrus would be a rare treat greeted by jokes of how she has sex with her dad. But now that we’ve stared directly into her anus, they’re practically a Disney movie. You can wallpaper your… More »

This Is Just Miley Cyrus In A Bikini With A Friend, Friends Can’t Eye-Bang Each Other?

Miley Cyrus hasn’t even been engaged for two weeks and already she’s being accused of cheating on Liam Hemsworth with the dude in this photo. Except y’all need to chill because this is just her long-time friend Cheyne Thomas and everyone knows best friends get matching tattoos and stare longingly into each others ass and… More »