Chet Haze

Chet Hanks Has A Kid?!

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Hey Guys, I Think I Figured Out What Sparked Dallas

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Chet Haze Just Owned Science, BOYEE

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Chet Haze Is Getting Tom Hanks Sued Now

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Chet Haze Is The Pundit America Needs Right Now

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Lamar Odom Did All Of The Drugs, Has 50/50 Chance Of Not Dying

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Chet Haze Was On Drugs The Whole Time, But He Grown Now

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Will The Trust Fund Baby Please Stand Up?

Chet Haze dyed his hair like Eminem. This had to be done. More »

Chet Haze Is The Worst Thing To Happen To His Parents

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are dealing with her breast cancer diagnosis while their son, Chet Haze, simultaneously fights to keep saying ‘nigga.’ Eat dicks, life. … More »

Chet Haze Has Beef With Howard Stern

Tom Hanks’ rapper son, Chet Haze, has beef with Howard Stern and I couldn’t possibly wound whiter writing this. More »