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Goddammit, Cher, You’re 80. Put It Away.

On Wednesday, I posted bikini photos of Minnie Driver that you people remarkably clicked the living shit out of, so you really only have yourselves to blame for this post. I am but a simple supplier here to meet your demand. You say nipples, I say how far down to the ground? This is our… More »

Letting Chaz Bono Dance With The Stars ‘Harasses’ Christians

He’s giving the thumbs up! ‘Tis devilry!

For those of you with jobs that don’t require you to stare into the empty, depressing abyss that is network television, Chaz Bono, the transgender daughter turned son of Cher and Sonny Bono, has been cast on this season’s Dancing With The Stars prompting all kinds… More »

Alright. Who Ordered the Cher Nipples?

Presumably as punishment for allowing Snooki to become the harbinger of the new year, the Good Lord saw fit to smite us with the appearance of Cher’s nipples at the Madrid premiere of Burlesque yesterday. Making it even more Biblical, this has to be all kinds of confusing to gay men. On the one hand,… More »

The Gosselins Angered Cher

See? You see that anger? — Okay, maybe her face doesn’t move. But it’s palpable, my friend. Palpable.

In probably the most random news item I’ve read in the past five minutes, Cher was apparently a die-hard Jon and Kate Plus 8 fan who was outraged to see its stars became the vindictive… More »

Cher admits to secret romance with Tom Cruise

Cher sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a special interview at the Colosseum in Las Vegas where the legendary singer dropped the bomb that she was once getting Top Gun’d by Tom Cruise. The special will air May 8, but People has some details on Cher and Tom’s relationship:

“He was a… More »