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Chelsea Handler’s Topless On A Mountain Now

Here’s Chelsea Handler continuing her quest to constantly show everyone her naked breasts because she’s not on TV anymore. This time, she’s topless on top of a mountain, and that’s not even the ridiculous part. The ridiculous part is that “Chelsea Handler topless” has been our highest search term for the past 24 hours because… More »

Chelsea Handler’s Butt Is Naked Now

Despite claiming to quit Instagram not even two weeks ago after her naked breasts were pulled down three times (Not a milking joke.), Chelsea Handler is back already. Only this time with her naked butt which she thinks is somehow mocking Kim Kardashian’s even though that would take no less than 15 of Chelsea’s taped… More »

Chelsea Handler’s Topless Again

Because your god is dead, Chelsea Handler is continuing her topless assault on social media and subjecting everyone to her naked breasts on Twitter:

Exercising my human right to work side by side with my fellow man. #amazon #freethenipple

Keep in mind, Chelsea Handler was enjoying a luxury vacation on the… More »

Chelsea Handler’s Naked Breasts Have Declared War On Instagram

The last time Chelsea Handler showed everyone a naked breast, it was to promote her SiriusXM interview with Dave Grohl. This time she’s doing it to fuck with Instagram. And possibly all of us. It is the Devil’s Eve. Anyway, here’s the caption for the first (Correction: SECOND) topless pic:

Taking this downMore »

Jason Biggs Peeing On Chelsea Handler Is Something We All Can Agree On

Yesterday the Internet’s top story was Amber Rose’s butt, and now today it’s Jason Biggs peeing on Chelsea Handler because humanity is 11. Not that I’m above posting it, too, because, ha ha ha, the pee goes right in her face. Plus it makes her a hypocrite for always talking shit on Kim Kardashian. They’re… More »

Goddammit, Chelsea Handler, Put That Thing Away

Because apparently more awful shit can happen today, here’s Chelsea Handler promoting her SiriusXM interview with Dave Grohl by tweeting a photo of her left tit hanging out. Which sounds like a reasonable explanation except I’d also accept she’s proving God has forsaken us, and that we shouldn’t fear Hell because we’re already living in… More »

Why Is Chelsea Handler Naked? WHY?

Chelsea Handler slept her way onto television before becoming Jennifer Aniston’s best friend, so sure, I guess that makes her a better person than a Kardashian. I’m not going to fight her on it. And the reason I bring any of that up is because she decided to pose naked on Instagram yesterday and caption… More »

Lindsay Lohan Is Still Lindsay Lohan

Right now there’s a concentrated effort to make Lindsay Lohan look like she’s a whole new person who’s accepted Oprah into her heart as her Lord and Savior. Except if you look at everything she’s done since the day before she got out of rehab, you’ll see she’s still doing the same old shit:
More »

Chelsea Handler Says Taylor Swift Is A Virgin

In a surprisingly generous move, Jennifer Aniston gave Chelsea Handler a break from calling Angelina Jolie a demon long enough for her to call Taylor Swift a virgin who doesn’t put out and that’s why guys leave her. Future feminists will truly look back on this day and go, “Right here. Right here where’s they… More »

Christina Aguilera Never Wears Underwear

“What are you waiting for, Kermie? Moi is ready for you!”

While appearing on Chelsea Lately last night, but only after Chelsea Handler agreed to wear fishnets (Why do you hate America?), Christina Aguilera revealed she never wears underwear because that’s exactly the kind of thing you want to hear from a ballooningMore »

Miley Cyrus Don’t Need No Dang Ol’ Pants To Love That There Honey Boo Boo Child

Seen here dressin’ all fancy like in her skivvy-peepers showin’ that there young’n child how the Debbil’s Holiday ain’t just an excuse to say “spooks” without the librul gummint puttin’ it’s desegremagation upon us, Miley Cyrus went on the gargoyle wermen’s TV box show and said she can’t get enough of that danngone Honey BooMore »

Jennifer Aniston’s Getting Married Now. Of Course.

Whenever anyone writes about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, there’s inevitably some joke about a jilted, bitter Jennifer Aniston which is then inevitably followed by a few random people defending her and saying she’s moved on with her life and couldn’t care less about Brad and Angelina. So to those people, I want you to… More »

Joan Rivers Destroys Chelsea Handler

Not physically mind you. She actually looks like this.

On Monday morning, Chelsea Handler said the following when asked about a feud with Joan Rivers on Howard Stern. Via RadarOnline:

“Joan Rivers? What the fuck do I care about Joan Rivers? I don’t think about her ever.”

Jump to… More »

Report: Jennifer Aniston’s Breasts Look Pregnant

According to Hollywood Life, Jennifer Aniston’s breasts look pregnant in this picture from last night’s Glamour Women of the Year Awards, and since I believe in journalism so much, I decided to look deeply into them. Granted, I have absolutely no clue how to tell if a woman is pregnant (See: This entire site.), I’m… More »

Laura Prepon Hired To Look Like Chelsea Handler, Somehow Not Offended

Hey! Look who’s alive… in 2008.

Because Chelsea Handler is a delusional harpie preying on the economic instability of the down-trodden – Or she just really hates Scientologists (#20.) Probably shouldn’t rule that out. – Laura Prepon has been cast to star in a new NBC series based on “Are You There Vodka? More »

Jenna Jameson Hates Chelsea Handler

Seemingly out of nowhere, Jenna Jameson took to Twitter last night to let everyone know how she really feels about Chelsea Handler. Which is amazing because I’ve been sitting by my computer for ten years waiting for this day. Please say “dried up cunt.” Please say “dried up cunt.” Please say “dried up cunt.”
More »

So Chelsea Handler ‘is’ Banging 50 Cent

Because she’s the most hilarious woman alive – Not counting Jennifer Aniston’s emails, of course. – Chelsea Handler posted the above pic to Twitter this morning with the following message:

I don’t know why anyone thinks I would ever date a rapper.

Ha! Get it? Because she’s in bed with 50More »

Chelsea Handler Did It Again

(Did you really need to see that? Probably.)

In a new interview with Katie Couric just posted to Glamour’s website, Chelsea Handler insults Angelina Jolie again while singing the praises of Jennifer Aniston who’s apparently our nation’s most hilarious e-mail sender:

KATIE COURIC: Is there anybody who really makes you laugh?More »

Jennifer Aniston is Mad at Chelsea Handler

Ever wondered what it’d be like to see Jim Henson get mad at Kermit the Frog? (It’ll hit you.) Here’s your chance. Via Popeater:

“Jen has gone out of her way to keep her private feelings about that woman who stole her husband private and has always asked her friends to do the… More »

Chelsea Handler: ‘I’ve Been Making Fun of Angelina Jolie For Years’

Seen here at the New York premiere of The Tourist last night, Angelina Jolie was called a “fucking cunt” over the weekend by Chelsea Handler, who wants everyone to know it has nothing to do with her new best friend despite the icicles dripping from her ear where Jennifer Aniston whispered into it. Us Magazine:… More »

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