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Chantel Jeffries Is Already Selling Out Justin Bieber #cream #getdamoney

While the inflappable, unscrutilizable Wild Kid Shot Calla Justin B-Bare might be walkin’ ‘tween raindrops when it comes to the Five-O, there ain’t never been a time in a gangsta’s life when some ho don’t get her eyes on a jigga’s paper. To use an old quiche-ay, mo’ money, mo’ problems. Break it off, Six…

Mike Redmond |

All Hail The New Teflon Don of Pop, Y’All! #CantTouchThis #RuffRyda #RODNEYKING

Last week, the Miami PD thought they could snatch up the realest real Numba One Stunna in the middle of working his Lambo game, but what them fools didn’t realize is that they tried to contain a mothafuckin’ deity inbused with the power of Michael all up in dat ass. Just straight up in there.

Mike Redmond |