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Casey Anthony’s Making Video Diaries Now

A “video diary” circulating the Internet this morning has been confirmed by TODAY as Casey Anthony and was reportedly filmed in October. The current theory is that someone else posted the video, but the fact that Casey even made one in the first place shows how fucking retarded she is, so let’s not rule out… More »

Caylee Anthony’s Memorial is Underwater Now. Of Course.

This chick’s butt seems very concerned. I should probably ask it for a quote.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised that something in Florida has found itself underwater considering the entire state is a goddamn marsh, but after getting struck by lightning and flooded over the weekend, you really have to wonder why… More »

Lightning Strikes Caylee Anthony Memorial Hours After Casey Sentenced

Because this story isn’t fucked up enough, lightning apparently struck the makeshift Caylee Anthony memorial just hours after Casey Anthony was sentenced yesterday for lying to police officers about her dead daughter because innocent people do that. Anyway, you can only guess the type of quotes flooding into the local paper already:

“It… More »

Casey Anthony Got Away With Murder

For those of you hiding under a rock, or purposefully avoiding the Casey Anthony circus like I’ve been, she’s just been cleared of all murder charges, but found guilty of giving false information to police officers which she’s already being credited for time served. Apparently, it’s a great time to kill your kid in America… More »