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Casper Smart Cheated On Jennifer Lopez Again, Is Grounded

Casper Smart cheated on Jennifer Lopez again, but he’s got a plan to win her back. More »

Casper Smart Proposed To JLo Five Times This Year, It Didn’t Work

Casper Smart asked JLo to marry him five times, because he doesn’t understand that little boys can’t marry their mommies. So precious! More »

Jennifer Lopez Dumped Casper Smart Back In April

If you’ve been following the Jennifer Lopez/Casper Smart fiasco this week, you’re probably under the impression that he’s been cheating on her with transsexual model Sofie Vissa. Except, surprise, Jennifer Lopez’s publicist just confirmed to People that she dumped Casper back in April which is conveniently before all the tranny sexting started:

The… More »

Casper Smart Wishes This Butt Came With A Wiener (WINNER: Classiest Headline 2014)

If you’ve somehow missed it over the past few days, The Dirty has been posting messages allegedly between Jennifer Lopez’s driver Casper Smart and transsexual model Sofie Vissa. And while the evidence looks pretty fucking damning – and not at all surprising – it seems way too good to be true. Except now People is… More »

Jennifer Lopez’s Got Your Puffy Vagina Right Here

Last week CBS sent a memo to Grammy producers explicitly banning puffy vaginas during the show. A memo that Jennifer Lopez apparently decided didn’t apply to her because here she is looking like she has elephantiasis of the lady business. Not to mention a man named Puffy was once in her vagina, so she basically… More »

GOLDEN GLOBES: Someone Tell Jennifer Lopez Drivers Aren’t Allowed On The Red Carpet

Thanks to being nominated for Argo, a movie he both directed and starred in, Ben Affleck showed up to this year’s Golden Globes with his wife Jennifer Garner whom he’s fathered 18 children with, so naturally Jennifer Lopez had to do something to make it look like she’s not a horrible spinster who can’t even… More »

Jennifer Lopez Hired Casper Smart To Make Sure No One Photographs Her Butt In A Bikini

For most of 2012, there have been rumors about what exactly Jennifer Lopez hired Casper Smart for and how much of that money he definitely spends on gay peep shows. Turns out his real occupation is Professional Ass Blocker because here he is in Miami with JLo making sure a towel is immediately wrapped around… More »

Jennifer Lopez Will Sue Anyone Who Clearly Saw Casper Smart Walking In and Out of a Peep Show

Posted by Photo Boy

Just over a week ago Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend, Casper Smart, disproved his surname by walking into a peep show in front of at least one person standing across the street breathlessly clicking away on a fancy image replicating machine, or “photographer” to anyone with functioning brain cells. Turns out… More »

It’s A Day Before Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday, Why Wouldn’t Casper Smart Go See A Peep Show?

Jennifer Lopez drags Casper Smart around so people will think she’s so attractive, 24-year-old backup dancers in respectable shape would rather have sex with her than chicks under 30 without kids. (In reality, he does all the driving and pretends to buy her fancy gifts with his money that’s really hers.) So call it a… More »

Jennifer Lopez In A Bikini Isn’t Politics Or Religion

Posted by Photo Boy

I’m not going to sit here and pretend it’s not great fun watching our commenters sling hate around in the name of that guy who died supposedly to teach us a lesson about not slinging hate around, so in the interest of that – and because what’s a great… More »

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