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Casey Johnson died of stuff, too

Apparently the LA Coroner’s Office decided they should get around to solving those high-profile deaths today, because they’ve also announced the final results of Casey Johnson’s autopsy. People reports:

The specific cause of death was “diabetic ketoacidosis,” a condition caused by a shortage of insulin, according to a coroner statement.
Shortly after her… More »

Tila Tequila is a ‘Messenger from God’

Tila Tequila’s publicist quit yesterday so she decided to mark the occasion last night by tweeting she’s “God’s messenger” sent to warn us of “the end” and, if I’m reading this right, not have lesbian sex with Casey Johnson because she’s an angel, too. I don’t even know:

This is the end of… More »

Tila Tequila: ‘Casey Johnson wanted me to have her daughter’

Despite solid suspicions that Tila Tequila’s engagement to Casey Johnson was a Joe Francis-produced publicity stunt, she’s somehow landing interviews with People and now Extra where Tila announced she’s going to launch a custody battle for Casey Johnson’s daughter. Oh, good:

Casey Johnson’s fiancee Tila Tequila tells “Extra” she will seek custody of… More »

Tila Tequila was never engaged to Casey Johnson

Guess I probably should’ve stopped for a minute and realized the source of Tila Tequila’s engagement claims was – whoops – Tila Tequila. (With an assist from Joe Francis.) NY Daily News reports:

Some insiders believe “Girls Gone Wild” pornmeister Joe Francis was the secret architect of the sad spectacle, which they say… More »

Tila Tequila refers to Casey Johnson as ‘Casey Nguyen’

Since her words are like Ewok spears to my fucking eyes, I completely missed the fact that Tila Tequila has been referring to Casey Johnson as “Casey Nguyen” in the barrage of blog posts capitalizing on her death. If that hasn’t pissed Casey’s family off enough, Tila’s been referring to them as a “pieces… More »

Tila Tequila: ‘Just let me mourn in peace. In this tree. With my tits out.’

For someone who’s supposed to be mourning a tragic loss, here’s a freakishly chipper Tila Tequila outside her house today attempting to ward off the paparazzi in the most insincere way possible.

“Please, I just want to mourn in peace.” *giggles*
“I’m practically paralyzed with grief.” *poses*
“There’s really nothing to see here.” More »

Tila Tequila still making retarded spectacle out of Casey Johnson’s death

Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips had the unfortunate task of going to Tila Tequila’s house yesterday to retrieve Casey Johnson’s personal items including her dogs. Not surprisingly this resulted in the LAPD showing up after Tila decided to once again milk Casey’s death for all it’s publicity juice. Here’s how she described the showdown… More »

Tila Tequila is seeing Casey Johnson’s ghost now

And Tila Tequila continues to beat the dead horse formerly known as Casey Johnson:

I can’t stop these haunting visions of her and I. We made such a lovely couple, only beginning to spend the rest of our lives together…

If Casey Johnson truly is haunting Tila Tequila, I’m going to go… More »

She was talking about you, Lindsay

Casey Johnson was no stranger to the celebrity party scene, so in the wake of her death, Samantha Ronson issued a warning on Twitter about the dangers of drug use that was obviously aimed point blank at Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay then retweeted the damn thing because unless delicious crack is involved, she’s fucking oblivious:
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Tila Tequila milks Casey Johnson’s death on Twitter

Despite tweeting she was going to be “offline w family” to mourn the death of Casey Johnson, Tila Tequila’s midget famewhore genes kicked in and she decided to milk this thing for all it’s worth by firing off a volley of tweets while simultaneously asking for “pricacy”:

– This is a very… More »

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