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Casey Anthony Talked About Having Another Kid, Oh God

Casey Anthony actually said she’s open to being “blessed with another child.” Son of a fucking bitch… More »

Casey Anthony Sleeps Great At Night? Oh Thank God, I Was Worried

Casey Anthony maybe “allegedly” murdered her daughter, but hot boys buy her drinks, so why you gotta be up her ass? Damn. More »

Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Allegedly Admitted She’s Guilty, Was Doing Her

So who wants to hear some fucked up shit about Casey Anthony that may or may not be true but has talk of blowjobs? More »

BREAKING: God To Forgive Casey Anthony Provided Random Pastor Puts Water On Her Head

On the first day of grifting school, they teach you that Christians are the easiest targets because clearly these are people who will believe anything. Of course, I just made that up, but you know who believed it? Christians. Which brings me to Casey Anthony being baptized because apparently she’s still trying to do everything… More »

Casey Anthony’s Making Video Diaries Now

A “video diary” circulating the Internet this morning has been confirmed by TODAY as Casey Anthony and was reportedly filmed in October. The current theory is that someone else posted the video, but the fact that Casey even made one in the first place shows how fucking retarded she is, so let’s not rule out… More »

Casey Anthony is Free, Has a Nice Rack

“I’m here for the gang-bang.”

Casey Anthony was released from jail early Sunday morning, and is it wrong that I immediately noticed her breasts? Maybe she really is innocent and could use some money to get back on her feet… *slaps self in the face* Where was I? Oh, right, tits child killers. More »

Horny Teenagers and Sex Offenders Are Sending Casey Anthony Money

In their defense, duck lips = puts out. That’s just smart investing. Via ABC News:

The donations have increased since Anthony was acquitted in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee last week, the records show.
As of today, Anthony has $472.18 in her bank account, nearly $200 more than what was… More »

Casey Anthony Ready To Start A New Life Wearing Disguises With a Fake Name

When Casey Anthony gets out of jail on the 17th, she’s about to be exposed to an entire country wanting her dead even though it’s pretty obvious a higher power had it out for Caylee. But as clever as she is a compulsive liar, Casey plans to become a master of disguise, according to the… More »

Caylee Anthony’s Memorial is Underwater Now. Of Course.

This chick’s butt seems very concerned. I should probably ask it for a quote.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised that something in Florida has found itself underwater considering the entire state is a goddamn marsh, but after getting struck by lightning and flooded over the weekend, you really have to wonder why… More »

Lightning Strikes Caylee Anthony Memorial Hours After Casey Sentenced

Because this story isn’t fucked up enough, lightning apparently struck the makeshift Caylee Anthony memorial just hours after Casey Anthony was sentenced yesterday for lying to police officers about her dead daughter because innocent people do that. Anyway, you can only guess the type of quotes flooding into the local paper already:

“It… More »

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