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Carrie Prejean is living in sin

RadarOnline reports “traditional marriage” crusader and former Miss California Carrie Prejean is living with in sin with her fiance Kyle Boller of the St. Louis Rams where they’re no doubt eating shellfish. BURN THEM!:

Carrie and Kyle got engaged in early February after a whirlwind romance and a sexy trip to Hawaii.
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Carrie Prejean’s nipple. Sweet Jesus…

Dear Christianity,

You’re officially off the hook for Pat Robertson. Apology accepted.

– The Superficial

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Carrie Prejean’s brother: ‘I’d watch her sex tape’

I never thought I’d find myself feeling sorry for Carrie Prejean, but Jesus Christ. Via RadarOnline:

Billy did come to his sister’s defense once again:”It was from a cell phone, it was supposed to be totally confidential. I think people should move on.”
Still, even he admits that he would watch the… More »

Donald Trump to Carrie Prejean: ‘Do porn.’

After throwing a hissy fit on Larry King Live and getting caught in several lies about her solo vaginal adventures, Carrie Prejean has turned to Donald Trump in a last ditch plea for advice. He responded with nothing less than pure wisdom. Via Page Six:

“Maybe,” Mr. Trump said only half-jokingly, “she… More »

Shauna Sand to Carrie Prejean: ‘Sell the tape!’

Because she’s a mother, first, and a pornographer, second – but mostly both at the same time – Shauna Sand wrote a letter to Carrie Prejean encouraging her to save herself a mountain of legal fees and just let Vivid Entertainment’s Steven Hirsch buy the rights to her sex tape. Via TMZ:

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UPDATE: Carrie Prejean made 8 sex tapes, 30 nude photos

Carrie Prejean called the sex tape she tried to coerce a boyfriend into covering up “the biggest mistake of her life.” Turns out it was one out of almost 40, according to RadarOnline:

Now a investigation has uncovered that there are SEVEN more “biggest mistakes” of her life – all of them… More »

Carrie Prejean asked her ex to lie about sex tape

While she was on Larry King Live just last night threatening to walk off and repeating the line that she was only a teenager when she filmed herself masturbating for a boyfriend, Carrie Prejean’s ex tells TMZ her people called him weeks ago pressuring him to say she was 17 at the time of… More »

Donald Trump: ‘Carrie Prejean leaked sex tape for publicity’

Donald Trump threw Carrie Prejean under the bus yesterday by commenting on the convenience of her sex tape being revealed just in time for the release of her book. Via Extra:

“She’s trying to act like she’s a nun… so maybe she should release the sex tape and people would see whether or… More »

Carrie Prejean admits sex tape exists

Carrie Prejean appeared on Hannity last night where she acknowledged filming herself masturbating for a boyfriend, according to TMZ:

The former beauty queen told Sean she was just a teenager when she decided to send her boyfriend — who she “loved and cared about” at the time — the extremely intimate video of… More »

Carrie Prejean crusades against pornography

Despite having already posed for topless photos and a sex tape featuring only herself, Carrie Prejean decided to criticize pornography in her upcoming book. TMZ reports:

“Unfortunately, pornography has become mainstreamed — it rushes at us through big screens, portable screens; soft-core porn is on mainstream TV cable stations, hard-core porn is… More »

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