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Why, Porn Parodies? Why?

Oh, good, he’s bleeding from the eye just like in the mov- wait.

One of the very first movies I saw in the theater was E.T., so it has a special meaning to me along with still holding up as a masterpiece that mops the floor with 99% of most summer blockbusters. So… More »

Octomom’s in a Bikini Again

Because it’s Apocalypse Day on The Superficial, here’s Octomom posing for a new bikini shoot because who knew shatting out 14 kids would cost money? And working a real job is hard. On that note, apparently Octo is joining forces with Tila Tequila and the hooker/porn star Charlie Sheen tried to kill because FrankLohanTinoZord wasn’t… More »

Kacey Jordan Wins ‘Best Whore’

Joining the ranks of such empowered women as Jamie Jungers, who has to be just thrilled I reminded everyone she banged Tiger Woods for money – which she did, Kacey Jordan won this morning’s Porn Star pageant on The Howard Stern Show despite attempting to pretending she’s capable of dignity just two days ago on… More »

Charlie and The Hooker: The Texts

For those of you living full and productive lives, let me bring you up to speed on the “Charlie Sheen and The Hooker” shenanigans: Capri Anderson, the porn star/prostitute, has all of sudden decided that Charlie assaulted her in New York City despite the police seeing absolutely no evidence and her being remarkably cooperative with… More »

Charlie Sheen Just Had ‘One’ Bad Night, Folks. Calm Down.

Charlie Sheen wants everyone to relax about his almost arrest for drunkenly tearing apart a New York City hotel room while a porn star/hooker hid in fear in the bathroom. Apparently, according to coke logic, we’ve all been there and losing a $150,000 watch ain’t no thing. Extra reports:

“If a guy has… More »

Charlie Sheen Was Yelling The ‘N’ Word Now

Seen here leaving the set of She Wants Me yesterday, Charlie Sheen was apparently acting even crazier than earlier reports suggested the night he was found passed out naked in a trashed hotel room with a hooker/porn star hiding in the bathroom. RadarOnline reports:

“He was punching the walls of the hotel room… More »

And The Porn Star’s a Hooker After All

Just as I finished posting porn star Capri Anderson’s attempt to get Charlie Sheen thrown in jail for allegedly locking her in the bathroom of a New York hotel, RadarOnline has discovered, surprise! She was working as a hooker to the tune of $12,000 which Charlie never paid and she neglected to tell the cops… More »

The Porn Star Wants Charlie in Jail

Charlie Sheen’s hooker that turned out to be a porn star (semantics), Capri Anderson, now wants to meet with Colorado prosecutors to claim Charlie held her against her will and encourage them to find him in violation of his probation. TMZ reports:

Our sources say Anderson claims after she locked herself in the… More »

Charlie Sheen Was With a Porn Star, Not a Hooker. PHEW.

Great news, everybody. Your hero Charlie Sheen did not cause a hooker to hide in the bathroom the night he drunkenly tore apart a New York City hotel room. It was only porn star Capri Anderson (above). Oh, thank God. TMZ reports:

We’re told Anderson, whose legal name is Christina Walsh, met Sheen… More »